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G-Star RAW on the beat

Hardcore Denim

Masters of re-birth and re-invention, G-Star RAW is still revelling off the back of the latest Snoop Dogg campaign. Jam-packed with everything we needed from that collaboration, the denim-connoisseurs have taken a 2022 turn, evoking a different side to the brand with The Rhythm of Denim. Inspired by tap movement, the genre of dance is showing off everything the G-Star RAW collection has to offer, translating the power of clothing through two world-class professionals. No verbal communication is needed as movement is their dialogue and denim is their trusted power. This is a new side to G-Star we have been itching to unpack (and participate in) as we see the creative energy through the beat.


Not only is this an awe-inducing campaign, but also a denim cacophony we do not want to miss. The collection features an introspective look into the brand’s identity; both its past, present and future as we see everything from jeans to bombers being featured. One of our favourite pieces however must go to the classic trench. Mirroring that must-have silhouette, G-Star RAW has done a denim re-take – with all the bells and whistles – including cuffed-sleeves, a wrap-around belt and logo patch to show off the memorable brand. Alongside the trench, a special shout out has to go to that silver boxy jacket, a ‘club must-have’ as we drag ourselves through these winter months. All in all, G-Star RAW got us tapping at our desks, ready to embrace the denim daydream and get ourselves an A* boilersuit!

View the full collection here…

The Hardcore Denim collection is available from the 12th of January

Shop the collection at G-Star RAW online!

Words by Grace Powell