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Gant Challenges Conformity

The future of American sportswear

Seventy-Two years in the making, American Swedish fashion brand, GANT  has unveiled its future. The company, founded in 1949, has journeyed through era’s, trends and fashion revolutions, leading the Bernard Gantmacher legacy to the community of their latest FW21 campaign. Titled, “The Future of American Sportswear”, this collection is an embrace of those who challenge conformity and intersect our collectivity-to-come. Breathing authenticity back into the narrative, GANT is taking notions of ‘heritage’ and melting the past into the progressive future, a “GANT has been on a tremendous brand journey this past year, and this campaign is the culmination of our efforts, where we reclaim our position as the future of American sportswear.” – Eleonore Säll, EVP of Brand.

This collection is an ode to staying curious, and having the courage to question societal norms, as GANT sees it – Never Stop Learning. With this message, the brand has brought on board an array of incredible individuals, all of who uniquely represents the freedom in which we all seek. In fact, it’s hard not to get a little breathless as we see the faces of the poet – Sonny Hall, actor – Mathilde Warnier, singer – Joseph Talbot, poly artist – Kelsey Lu, musician (and more) – Kelvin Bueno and multifaceted Eliot Sumner, grace the camera lens. And alongside this stunning imagery, a poem (written by Hall themself) is recited by the group in a selection of short ethereal films. 

The collection features classic American motifs – from the oh-so sought after cowboy-inspired print shirt, to varsity-Esque long sleeve polo necks and denim co-ords. However, there’s an undeniable flare (beyond the traditional) at play here, as we see a midnight blue faux-fur coat alongside a pair of emerald cords resting peacefully in our dreams. Here, style goes beyond heritage, allowing the past to be transported into the future.

Overall, this collection is an undeniable reinvention for GANT, where we see the community prevail into a message of openness. This is a celebration of the modern hero, where creativity, activity and voice remain at the forefront of the clothes we wear, and the styles we wish to emit. This is a call to action, where oneself is embraced and everyone is welcome.


The Future of American Sportswear


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Words by Grace Powell