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Reflecting true beauty

Our world has never been made up of exclusively one ‘look’, and it is important that all aspects of our world reflect that. The notion of ‘ideal’ is dangerous, so when it comes to inclusive representation- where everyone fits the ideal, we really are on board. GEM agency is just that. Founded in just 2019 by Ami Keita, GEM finds the extraordinary, and when it comes to beauty, the industries ‘imperfections’ play no role. Beauty is within us all, and for us to appreciate our beauty- we must see it within our external ‘fantasy’ world. Without fashion, film, photography (etc.) reflecting the real world around, beauty in all of its forms is forgotten. Check out some of the faces of GEM and the quick finish-the-sentence fun we had with the models themselves…


In three words I would describe myself as… A loving caring individual

My passion in life is… To create art in every sort of way

Modelling to me is. Strength, imperfection and confidence.

If i could go anywhere, I would visit…The Moon ?

Success to me means… Still learning from the things you do, being happy with the things you
do and create.

My hope for the world is… That diversity is not a “thing” anymore

In three words I would describe myself as… curious, vigorous, and skeptical.

My passion in life is…academia, simply. I fully enjoy my subjects – Psychology and Political Science – and spend nearly all my time towards improving myself within those fields. My aim is to have a PhD in at least one of the two.

Modelling to me is…. my submission to art. I had never expected myself to model. Following the past few months, I still have not fully realised what I do by now. Currently, modelling represents to me an intersection between deciding what is beautiful, and having the ability to express it. I cannot decide myself what it is, or how it should be portrayed.

If I could go anywhere, I would visit… Iceland. There are beatiful glaciers, hot springs, untouched stretches
of lands, volcanoes, and the Northern Lights. I’ve heard that Iceland has areas that are so silent that one can hear one’s own body function; I would love to experience that.

Success to me means… justice; victory by virtue of merit. One cannot practice success without an adherance to certain goals, and by fulfilling these goals by some standard.

My hope for the world is…that everyone can practice skepticism as much as they preach it.

In three words I would describe myself as…funny, confident, creative.

My passion in life is…to always get the best out of myself and enjoy the people I love.

Modelling to me is…is more than just a hobby, I want to start a career.

If i could go anywhere, I would visit… It’s hard to choose because there are so many beautiful places in the
world, so many new things to see, but if I had to choose one it would be Tokyo!

Success to me means…That is actually quite difficult to answer, some people think success only counts when it comes to money but for me it is more than just that, success means to me family, friends and the children I want to have later.

My hope for the world is… that everyone is treated equally!

In three words I would describe myself as…open, wandering, passionate

My passion in life is…experiencing as much as possible and making memories

Modelling to me is…expressing myself and showing A different sides of myself I didn’t
know I had

If i could go anywhere, I would visit…Japan, because it seems like such a different world, as if everything
is clean and organized

Succes to me means…being happy and good at what you do

My hope for the world is…that we will help each other more and not just because it is a trend
on social media

In three words I would describe myself as… Bold, warm-hearted, clumsy.

My passion in life is… To find myself in positions where I can express myself creatively and
by doing that making my mark in the industry and leaving behind a legacy.

Modelling to me is…. Self-expression in an evolving scene that keeps challenging me every
step of the journey

If I could go anywhere, I would visit…AREA 51

Success to me means… When an individual is able to do what brings the most joy and makes a
living out of it without needing validation from external factors.

My hope for the world is…That the power of love will overcome the love of power.

In three words I would describe myself as…dreamy, sensitive, driven

My passion in life is… To create energy through art and music, to inspire through creativity

Modelling to me is…. Breaking boundaries of self-love and self-expression

If i could go anywhere, I would visit… Tokyo, Japan

Success to me means… Being able to create without boundaries

My hope for the world is…Equality in a world where life is cherished and respected

Photography by Mr.Jose

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Words by Grace Powell