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A new era of artistry with YUME YUME, Vinny Castro, Melting Narratives, Giorgiandreazza, MULAS HYBRID HAUS and Xu Zhang

This season’s Generation Glamcult is a window into Glamcult Store: a curated fashion and design space. Serving as a platform to exhibit the exceptional works of a diverse array of creatives—from emerging talents to esteemed designers—we bring together a captivating collection of individuals and brands representing our community’s essence. Embodying the spirit of the Worldwide Underground, Glamcult Store is a tangible reality to the collective talent we have showcased through these pages for 139 issues. In celebration of this momentous undertaking, we proudly present this season’s Generation, a tribute to the remarkable trailblazers featured in-store.

Introducing Yume Yume: the avant-garde, Japanese-inspired, fashion brand with a visionary outlook on footwear and clothing. Picture a future where fashion evolves slowly, imbued with spirituality, breaking free from its rigidity. As they proclaim, “clothing should be a discipline where everyone expresses themselves limitlessly.” At the core of their brand beats a dream to create an artistic wonderland, one in which their design philosophy thrives on, “fusing art, architecture and technology—adding layers to our process and craft.” Collaborating with esteemed creatives (and seen on the iconic Rosalía), the brand is set to launch their groundbreaking ready-to-wear collection. Their mission? Empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness, defy limitations, and construct their own reality. In their words, “we’ll transport you to our dream world, starting with footwear and expanding to a head-to-toe offering.” Get ready to embark on a fashion odyssey like never before, born in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam.

Vinny Castro is an artist driven by material exploration and tactile experiences. Initially inspired by an Assyrian relief depicting a mythical god holding a mysterious tiny handbag, Castro began their accessory journey sculpting their own interpretation, viewing the bags as vessels holding deeper meaning. With a background in painting and sculpture, Castro’s designs transcend the conventional, blurring the line between art and function. Personally mixing and dying colours, Castro draws inspiration from nature’s gemstones, minerals, and elements. Describing his designs as “biomorphic plastiglomerate artefacts,” Castro merges organic forms with man-made materials. Bags have always been used as a statement of individuality and uniqueness, however, Castro designs for those who dare to defy norms. With an artistic vision that transforms fashion into a medium for exploring the symbolism and our connection to the past, Vinny Castro is tomorrow’s child. And who does he want to wear his pieces? “Celebs and aliens”.

Eloïse Dieutegard is the creative force behind the intuitive jewellery brand Melting Narratives. Describing her creations as innately “raw”, Dieutegard is inspired by “vegetal shapes and textures”, creating the organic character that penetrates her pieces. Her work, however, encompasses traditional, ancestral and modern techniques. “Each model is made in wax and natural elements I find, giving different textures and unique complex shapes to the pieces” she explains, “the fact that I use fire is also something that I love. To melt it, pull it, hammer it, there is something so traditional and pure in it, I am just fascinated”. This process is part of her distinctive artistry in itself, “I have a fascination for the transformation of materials from solid to liquid and vice versa”, she explains. Whilst her initial approach was experimental and instinctual, Dieutegard is a truly unique designer, carving her own path in the world of jewellery-making.

Giorgiandreazza describes their design process as, “like a sponge; collecting and elaborating everything into a concept conveyed through the garment.” By sourcing materials from waste and industrial materials, they experiment with deconstructed shapes embarking on a sartorial expedition, venturing beyond the well-trodden paths of fashion’s confines. Giorgiandreazza’s mission is to empower, as they believe, “fashion should be a platform for self-expression”, one “that represents a frame of mind rather than a specific gender”. Finding balance through experimentation, clothes are described as “dynamical” and meant for people who want to play with the pieces. Rather than following trends, they focus on genuine conversations and discoveries within independent fashion magazines. Their proudest moment? “When I collaborated with two sound designers for my SS23 collection. We integrated sensors and technologies into the garments that allowed them to respond to the wearer’s movement in an interactive way, giving rise to the ‘’Eternal Choir’’ performance”.

“Mulas Hybrid Haus is more than a fashion brand; I would rather describe it as a house, a creative fashion studio that is not focused on creating products only,” explains founder Jessica van Halteren. Inspired by multidisciplinary creations—with fashion at its core—the house has curated its own unique way of working. “When making collections, we often work on larger projects, such as fashion films. The narratives that are part of those projects always influence the direction of the designs and vice versa”. This approach ensures seamless integration between storytelling and design, creating 360° storytelling. The brand’s identity is deeply influenced by the concept of hybridity (as per the name): “In the clothing itself, we aim for changeability. By cutting apart previous items, the designs become changeable, hybrid.” This intentional process of deconstruction and reconstruction creates unique and adaptable pieces to be experimented with alongside the narratives they inspire.

Xu Zhang draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of cultures serving as the bedrock of his creative pursuits. Describing his inspiration as forming, “distinct aesthetic standards, values, and behaviours across cultures inspire me to explore their unique qualities”, his cultural influences play a significant role, from silhouettes to his signature Kirigami pattern, now synonymous with the label. Uncovering the essence fueling his design expression, Zhang describes creating a cohesive brand that harmoniously blends his cultural heritage, “to create new languages and identities”. While his background showcases his driving force, another prevalent theme unifies the brand—freedom of movement. Gracefully adapting to diverse body shapes, Xu Zhang empowers individuals through liberated self-expression. Xu Zhang’s creative vision exceeds limitations, evoking a multidimensional universe beyond time and space, akin to a dream—a sentiment shared with Chinese artist Cai Guoqiang, who he references as utilising gunpowder to connect with humanity and the universe. 

Words by Grace Powell

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