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Getting hot in New York City

Celebrating with Moose Knuckles and Lil’Kim.

Last week, luxury lifestyle brand Moose Knuckles opened their first flagship store on U.S. soil. In the heart of the SoHo district of NYC, the brand kicked off their Seven Deadly Sins Capsule collection. Glamcult attended the opening and the after party, providing you with all the inside-outs of the hottest outerwear.

Although they’ve been experts at keeping warm since 1929, Moose Knuckles was officially founded in 2009.  The brand offers customers exceptional outerwear, made from ethically sourced materials. Dedicated to becoming the leanest, toughest, and most luxurious sportswear brand on earth, Moose Knuckles’ Canadian expertise is firmly on its way to spread their brand across the globe. And opening their first U.S. store on iconic Greene Street is certainly a major step in paving the way.

The boutique offers a whole collection of products through an immersive and unique retail experience in a 3,500 square feet space. Adorned with grain wood tiles, cast-iron columns, and fronted gold glass, the store is exuberant, but sophisticated. On ground level a giant screen enchanting the visitor with a live stream of the northern lights. But the magic does not stop there.

After immersing ourselves in the bespoke architecture and festivities, we head towards the next stop: the House of Sin party, celebrating the launch of the Seven Deadly Sins Capsule collection. Scattered across the three floors of the McIntosh Townhouse are rooms, where pride, wrath, envy, indolence, gourmand, greed, and lust lurk within. Here’s a taste of what the (most sinful) party in town had to offer: a Lust room acting as a strip club on top of a drained pool, a space full of Greed covered with rich golden details, and an area of Indolence, specially customized to serve as the most laid-back CBD dome. Tunes were provided by the likes of Drewbyrd, Yellowtech, and Half Moon, but topping it all off was a special surprise performance by none other than Lil’Kim herself. All in all, an enticing experience that left us all kinds of hot.

Words by Glamcult




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