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Give Us Space

Dismantle the patriarchy with Riot Pant

The very worst thing about manspreading – aside from a crushed-leg – is the crippling feeling of externally-enforced insignificance. For those who don’t quite understand why this ultimate act of toxic masculinity is such incapacitating experience, let me [wo]mansplain it for you; when a six-foot human-tree plonks themself on the second (but very necessary) half of your seat, it’s pretty damn hard to conjure up the energy – mental and physical – to remove them back to their rightful spot. Think of all those social codes I can’t be breaking, even if the primary thought is to yell “MOVE IT” into the silent substratosphere of the bus. Thankfully, owing to Berlin-based Riot Pant Project, we can now scream our sentiments ‘á la couture,’ with their screen printed trousers containing anti-spreading slogans such as “Give Us Space” “Toxic Masculinity” and the delightfully explicit “Stop Spreading”. These secondhand pants are available pre-printed via the collective’s depop. Or, even better, you can send off your snuggest-fit Levis and Dickies to be crafted with a personalised saying, tailored to speak right with your main culprit. Get on it now to spread your own sentiment – and reclaim that space!

Words by Rose Holmshaw