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Celebrating Pride with Dr. Martens in their 9 Streets store this Saturday!

Join us for free drinks as we dance to the sounds of Eurowitch, Slimfit and Sukubratz 

A dedicated moment in the year to celebrate Queer joy and the LGBTQIA+ community, Pride Amsterdam is always a blast, and this year will be no different! Celebrating, dancing, drinking and taking time to reflect on the meaning of Pride and its history within the city, this year Glamcult will be hosting an event with Dr. Martens at their 9 Streets store, Hartenstraat 16 Amsterdam.

As a brand who have always seen Pride as a year-round commitment, showcasing their ongoing support for equality and advocation for community recognition, we are excited to invite you to their store for a day-line-up — and free drinks — curated by Glamcult. Coinciding with the iconic canal parade which passes just moments away, from 14:30-19:00 the sounds of Eurowitch, Sukubratz and Slimfit will be amplified down the street.

Glamcult got to know the line-up this week, as we collectively stomped around the streets of Amsterdam discussing the meaning of Pride and the joy of music in our Dr. Martens’ finest. Watch this space for a rundown of their sonic identities and thoughts on the importance of nightlife! Wanna have some fun? See you Saturday!

Words by Grace Powell

Photography by Esmeralda Engels

Modelled by Eurowitch, Slimfit and Sukubratz

Join us in the Dr. Martens Store this Saturday (the 5th)!

Free drinks and incredible music

14:30 — 19:00

Hartenstraat 16, 1016 CB Amsterdam