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Glamcult gets to know Gaidaa

Discussing what it means to create, evolve, and the importance of comfort while still being a BOSS.

BOSS x Russell Athletic: sweater, pants, shoes

BOSS x Russell Athletic kicked up a storm last at Milan fashion week. Itching to get our hands on the gear, we pulled together some of our favourite Amsterdam-based creatives for this BOSS journey, including the breathtakingly talented Gaidaa. Sporting some of the collections’ most sought after pieces, we spoke with the artist about the raw energy behind her style, and why this collection is one for all, and all for one.

Hey Gaidaa! How are you today?
I’m currently on my way back from Amsterdam. On the train, which is essentially where I live now (always on the train hahaha) – going back to Eindhoven. Just had a long weekend, seeing Yussef Dayes play, seeing KOKOROKO play – a lot of cool stuff – now it’s back to the real world!

I love the looks you pull together and how you express yourself through fashion; do you feel like style helps you express your inner self?
I actually wouldn’t call myself a ‘fashionista’ or something, but I can really see where I’m at, or what I’m up to, reflected in how I dress. A lot of the things I’m wearing are stuff that feel like ‘me’, but that I feel comfortable in, fits in my bag, and can be packed quick and easy for multiple days.

I completely get you – the most important thing is always feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. What do you tend to look for when selecting clothing? How does this compare to being styled for a performance, for example?
When I was younger I cared more about how I present myself, but recently I’ve been spending my money on staple items that will get me through life. A lot of the time I just pull up to a performance with a t-shirt I like and some pants – I like to feel free onstage. As ‘Gaidaa’ is where I get to play around a bit; try something that is not practical, per se, and just a little bit more fun. Different clothes and different vibes activate a different energy in me.

BOSS x Russell Athletic: sweater, pants

BOSS x Russell Athletic: sweater, pants, socks

Exactly, it’s as if you become the clothes you’re wearing. The BOSS X Russell Athletic collection is this amalgamation of athleisure alongside a more tailored look – how do you think this balance is reflected by our situation post-Zoom uniform? (AKA none haha).
I think that after being at home for so long, and not really dressing up now when there is something fun to do, you really want to dress-up and step out of that comfort zone. But I think that we’ve all kind of realized, like, what are we getting so dressed up for? Unless you’re super into fashion, it’s always best to have these general pieces that you rotate.

And which of the BOSS X Russell Athletic pieces conveys your personal style best?
Definitely the long jacket. Like, that piece paired with the joggers and sweatpants is literally something I actually wear on a daily basis.

BOSS x Russell Athletic: jacket, sweater

We absolutely adore your music here at GLAMCULT, but what have you been listening to lately? What’s the energy of your current playlist?
I’ve been listening to a lot of YEBBA and South African music as well – not necessarily that you’ll be hearing that in my music though. These days there’s a pep in my step, and I feel drawn to music with hella groove; something to bounce to. A lot of the music I’m listening to – whether it’s still rooted in Soul or R&B – even when it’s Jazzy, is just something that’s good for on the move, on the road – music to motivate me.

Honestly sometimes you need a good track to just push you through the day. Well, it’s been such a pleasure talking to you and we’re so excited to see what you’re up to next. What are you manifesting for the future?
What am I manifesting for the future? Peace of mind to be honest. I’m manifesting this EP to be released and existing, some mental organization, and manifesting all this stuff going on in the world to calm down – basically peace of mind for us all. Maybe that’s so simple, but I really think if I find some peace of mind, then everything is going to be fine. I actually feel really chill right now – I have a lot of good people around me and a lot of good things happening in my life right now. I just want to hide in a secret treehouse somewhere and make music with my friends – I’m manifesting that hahaha.

BOSS x Russell Athletic: sweater, pants, socks

Photography Lobke Leijser @ TheNextChapter
Art Direction & Styling Rogier Vlaming @ Glamcult Studio
Featuring: Gaidaa
Hair & Make-up: Vannessa Chan @ House of Orange Agency using Clinique & Mr. Smith
Assistant photography Tim Schaap / Assistant styling Lisa Meier
Concept and casting: Glamcult Studio


Words by Alia Ayoubi


All clothes: BOSS X Russell Athletic