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Glamcult gets to know Shamiro

“New-season is always a good moment to reflect and refresh my goals and energy”


BOSS x Russell Athletic: suit

BOSS X Russell Athletic kicked up a storm last week in Milan. The event which took over the city proved an insatiable day of individuality, style and clothing. Itching to get our hands on the gear, we pulled together some of our favourite Amsterdam-based creatives for this BOSS journey, including the breathtaking Shamiro. Sporting some of the collections’ most sought after pieces, we spoke with the multi-disciplinarian about the raw energy behind his style, and why this collection is one for all, and all for one.

Hey Shamiro! How are you today?
Hey! I’m doing really well. New-season is always a good moment to reflect and refresh my goals and energy.

Your lifestyle calls for functional fashion; how style help you express your inner self?
My style is very much a reflection of how I feel which is lots of times a mix of comfort, luxury/quality and a sportive or creative attitude towards people and life in general.

What is it you are looking for when selecting clothing?
I used to be very much into brands but after years of buying clothing very often, I’m now much more into creating looks that are colour-coordinated.

BOSS X Russell Athletic encompasses athleisure alongside a more tailored look. Why do you think this balance is important for 2021-living?
(Slowly leaving our sweats behind ha-ha). I can’t really say it’s important because people should really wear what they’re comfortable with. But why choose one when you can do both! I like that today we can cross these boundaries and maybe also show in our workplaces that we don’t always have to dress one way that is “representable”.

BOSS x Russell Athletic: suit

For sure! “Representable” is such a toxic word. From the BOSS X Russell Athletic collection, which piece conveys your personal style best?
I like multiple styles, to be honest. I’m a big fan of turtle necks and definitely like the checkered pants and jacket. These are easy to style and match with my current wardrobe.

Your artistry takes many forms, what creative outlets are you currently most inspired by?
I’m looking a lot at the expression of dance these days. There is so much talking and opinions going on through news and social media I really enjoy the fine intentions and emotions people convert through dance.

What are you manifesting for the future?
A lot! But most important I try to keep a healthy body and spirit. Which means to not always follow the mass. Do my own homework, don’t take the easy road. Understanding that we as a west European society are the cause of many problems the world is suffering from. And last but not least. Eat the rich!


BOSS x Russell Athletic: tank top, jacket

Photography Lobke Leijser @ TheNextChapter

Art Direction & Styling Rogier Vlaming @ Glamcult Studio

Featuring: Shamiro van der Geld

Hair & Make-up: Vannessa Chan @ House of Orange Agency using Clinique & Mr. Smith

Assistant photography Tim Schaap / Assistant styling Lisa Meier

Concept and casting: Glamcult Studio

Words by Grace Powell