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Glamcult gets to know Shay Latukolan

From dance, to manifestation, to our BOSS X Russell Athletic faves.

BOSS x Russell Athletic: sweater

BOSS X Russell Athletic kicked up a storm last week in Milan. The event which took over the city proved an insatiable day of individuality, style and clothing. Itching to get our hands on the gear, we pulled together some of our favourite Amsterdam-based creatives for this BOSS journey, including the one and only: Shay Latukolan. Sporting some of the collections’ most sought after pieces, we spoke with the dancer/choreographer and movement director about the raw energy behind his style, and why this collection is one for all, and all for one.

BOSS x Russell Athletic: coatsweaterpantsshoes

Hey Shay! How are you today?
I’m feeling busy, lucky, excited…active and inactive at the same time. But hey – I am currently practising to just be a man and live day by day. How do you feel?

Super good thanks! And to be honest, I’m somewhat enjoying this Autumn transition. It all feels very fluid.
It does, doesn’t it?

Your lifestyle calls for functional fashion; how does dance affect the pieces you choose?
I always love to find style in comfy clothing. It is important to me that what I wear incorporates my love of movement.

What is it you are looking for when selecting clothing?
Even though I love designer stuff I always end up with something easy and comfy (but still trying to keep it tasteful).  As a creative that designs movement, I think I love design in its entirety – so also clothes. I feel like expressing myself through clothes is just an extension of my love for design.

BOSS X Russell Athletic encompasses athleisure alongside a more tailored look. What elements do you think contribute to this balance?
I would say its uniqueness – I love the textures, and the quality of it all sets it apart from other brands. 

BOSS x Russell Athletic: jacketpantsshoes

BOSS x Russell Athletic: jacketpantsshoes

From the BOSS X Russell Athletic collection, which piece conveys your personal style best?
The jacket with rip off sleeves, definitely.

From the BOSS X Russell Athletic collection, which piece conveys your personal style best?
The jacket with rip off sleeves, definitely.

‘Loves evolves’ is your bio – in what ways does this mantra apply to your creative self?
We all evolve/change into something new, and I think change in itself is already important. Balance is always key.

What are you currently manifesting for the future?
I think love is the most important thing there is – as long as we love, we overcome and, therefore, evolve. I think this is bigger than just for my own creative self, but it definitely inspires me. Manifesting so much good stuff, man – it’s been a hell of a ride these last two years with everything that’s been going on, so i’m just manifesting more love, good health and a prosperous 2022.

BOSS x Russell Athletic: jacketpants

Photography Lobke Leijser @ TheNextChapter
Art Direction & Styling Rogier Vlaming @ Glamcult Studio
Featuring: Shay Latukolan
Hair & Make-up: Vannessa Chan @ House of Orange Agency using Clinique & Mr. Smith
Assistant photography Tim Schaap / Assistant styling Lisa Meier
Concept and casting: Glamcult Studio

Words by Grace Powell 


All clothes: BOSS X Russell Athletic