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Glamcult gets to know Tor

Talking creative expression while staying all heated up with Uniqlo Lifewear.

Vest Beige: Uniqlo Down
Vest Brown: Uniqlo Down
Pants Brown: Uniqlo Chino

Vest Beige: Uniqlo Down
Vest Brown: Uniqlo Down
Pants Brown: Uniqlo Chino

Hey Tor! Can we begin by discussing your creative outlets? Both skateboarding and music appear to be your callings.
My biggest creative outlet right now is making music. It’s an opportunity to explain something about yourself and your story. It can be as personal as you want it to be. I found a passion with music through playing in bands in high school, and inheriting a nice record collection from my father. Skateboarding in a lot of ways goes hand in hand with music, as it often carries identity and creativity. Skating is interesting as you can be as creative as you want to be. No one does a kickflip exactly the same way, or will choose to do the same tricks at a spot.

Both music and skateboarding are often journeying skills, producing in particular often starts with a passion which evolves into a practice. How do you approach music today, compared to when you first found your interest?
With music, my journey from playing in bands to becoming a producer means that it did change drastically in the way I approached making music. Even though I make mostly what I guess is categorised as โ€˜technoโ€™, I try to tell a story more than to make dj tools. I think this is due to my background in songwriting. Now I try to take things a bit more seriously, but not lose the fun and curious side of the process of making music ๐Ÿ™‚

Vest Beige: Uniqlo Down

The city of Amsterdam in many ways vast, however the communities here – and in particular the techno community – is tight-nit. How has the city, or environments in general, inspired you?
Environment is one of the most important factors when I consider the actual experience of “living”. I am inspired a lot by spending time outside of the city actually. Camping in forests, or by the coast always inspires me creatively and helps to fulfill some kind of desire to be in touch with nature. This also provides a nice contrast when I actually am living in the city. Amsterdam is actually quite cozy, and, yes, feels small despite how chaotic and busy it can seem in the city centre. I was inspired a lot by nightlife experiences and the party scene in Amsterdam, especially De School. In a way I think it was quite natural the way I got into producing this kind of music after moving to Amsterdam and exploring the scene here.

The clothes we wear are tools of personal expression. What is important to you when it comes to fashion?
For me personally, simplicity is the best. Choosing nice colour combinations and for the most part simple functional clothes is how I feel most comfortable. I don’t think it takes a lot to look good, just a bit of creative savvy and knowledge of yourself. You can also communicate a lot about yourself visually through clothing, as it’s the first impression you will make on other people. On the other hand I really like when people don’t give a shit about what they are wearing.

The UNIQLO LifeWear collection is about our connectivity to nature and the self in its purest form. Why do you think this approach is so integral in this day and age?
Clothing is something you will have to have a relation with your whole life. So in my mind, it makes sense to develop a style for yourself, without boundaries or categorisations. You are the only you, and selecting your clothing can reflect that personality. Nowadays also, there are so many options and styles, you can be really free to do whatever you want clothing wise.

For sure! And having freedom with fashion is always the most exciting. What are you currently manifesting for your future?
I am manifesting a future filled with making music. And also a record release on one of my favourite record labels in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚ fun times skating and traveling, and meeting new people.

Jacket Dark Brown: Uniqlo Down
Vest Ash Brown: Uniqlo Down
Vest Orange Brown: Uniqlo Down
Vest Beige: Uniqlo Down

Photography: Maria Bodil
Creative Direction: Rogier Vlaming @ Glamcult Studio
Styling: Anna Claassen
Assistant styling: Carolijn Hooij
Hair and Make-up: Vannessa Chan
Light: Rupert Tapper

Words by Grace Powell

All clothes:ย UNIQLO LifeWear