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Glamcult gets to know Yaba

Photography by Daelorian van der Kolk

Delving into the vibrant world of Yaba, Glamcult gets to know the electrifying DJ making waves on the Amsterdam music scene. Fresh off the BACARDÍ x FILLING PIECES event during the ADE weekend in Amsterdam, Agia Yaba brings a unique energy to every room she steps into. Sharing insights into her dynamic DJ style, and drawing parallels between her extroverted musical persona and her introverted self, we learn about her spiritual pre-set rituals to creating thunderous, danceable journeys. Agia Yaba’s approach is as multifaceted as her sources of inspiration, and so, beyond the beats, we get into her ambassadorship with Bacardí and her favourite Pace Bacardí Radar Black trainer from the latest BACARDÍ x FILLING PIECES capsule collection (still available now)!

Hey there! How’s your day going?
Hey hey, I’m doing great, I started my day super relaxed with the sounds of Andre 3000 his new album, so I feel hella Zen basically.

Love a flute-core morning moment ha-ha. How would you describe yourself as a DJ/your DJ style?
You can associate my style with thunder: heavy, mysterious, blackness, spacey and danceable. I’m a very extrovert DJ, unlike who I am as a person, I like to be out there, being very loud with my sounds. I also find it important to create journeys where I bring people into different dimensions in which they can express different parts of themselves.

Going from this introverted person to an extroverted DJ, do you have any rituals or habits before you start your set?
Yes, always! I’m also a spiritual person, so everything that I do I see as a blessing and gift. So I always do my prayers and ask for guidance from the higher powers. I also make sure to sit with myself alone, before I have to perform.

What’s your main source of inspiration, music-wise?
I find inspiration in a variety of things, as in the diverse melodies, the emotions behind them, and the differences in the layers. It helps me to create and to dive deeper into my inner world.

What do you like to do besides music/DJing?
Dancing for sure, which is also my profession, reading books, and having quality time with the people I love.

If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?
To create more diverse BPOC queer parties for sure!

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far?
To have played in a club for a crowd in Vienna (Austria) this year. That was actually my first official gig, and that was in another country!
I remember I was so nervous, but the way the crowd was dancing, and the many props and handshakes I got after, was an amazing feeling.

Photography by Daelorian van der Kolk

Photography by Daelorian van der Kolk

Wow, that’s cool, and going forward into more accomplishments, what are you manifesting for the coming year?
To have more beautiful GIGS!

Reflecting on your ambassadorship with BACARDÍ this year, how has the experience impacted you both personally and professionally, and what have been the highlights of this collaboration?
The positive impact of showing more of me on my socials, It really did me good and motivated me to show more of myself! On a professional level, it made me more consistent in making more content and being creative. It also gave me the opportunity to network with other people, and it helped me to develop as an influencer.

Among the pieces in your collection, do you have a favourite? If so, could you share why that particular piece holds special significance for you?
The Pace Bacardí Radar Black are my faves! Something I never understand is that I never buy black but always colourful sneakers,
which is so annoying. Especially with dancing, it’s a must to have. And these are the perfect black sneakers for dancing that I needed, they are not too heavy, do not crease and they are super fly!


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Images courtesy of the artist