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Glamcult meets Sizzy Rocket

“Stop apologizing. Never make yourself smaller so that the men you work with can be more comfortable. Give yourself more credit”

Sizzy Rocket is the LA punk princess currently consuming our Spotify (new Radical Tracks coming soon ?).  As her latest album, Live Laugh Love just dropped, we ventured down the river of power and unrestrained creativity with the artist herself. With incredible features on the album and brazen lyrics leaving you fascinated — Sizzy Rocket, is exactly that; a firecracker of the scene. 

Hey Sizzy! Great to be talking with you – Tell me about what you have been up to recently.
I’m always up to something. I just released my fourth album. Getting ready for a tour this spring. And I have another sweet surprise right around the corner…

Oooo, who doesn’t love a sweet surprise!? Your 2022 went out with a bang, what’s on the horizon for 2023?
More insanity. The music I’m making now is next level. And the new show is going to be on some other shit. I truly just want to make amazing art and have fun. That’s it.

The new album, Live Laugh Love, is filled with bangers and is a harmonious cacophony of electronic, punk, pop and rock. Tell me about your sound in your own words…
Cacophony is one of my favourite words!! As far as sound goes, I always tell people it’s like punk for the gays, and then I wink at them. I think that’s the easiest way to explain it.

And beyond the music itself, the lyrics have a strong narrative/storytelling aspect. Wild Woman, in particular: can you tell me about this?
I always pull from my own experiences when I’m writing. Wild Woman came from a very genuine, vulnerable moment in my life. I’m a very visual, sensual person. A lot of people have said that they see images when they listen to my music and that’s not an accident – I put them there. “Flooded in red, in a snakeskin trench at the diviest bar in LA, and I feel like dying” – that’s the first line of the song. It’s a powerful image.

It truly is. However, on the other end of the spectrum, songs like Wendy’s Parking Lot give instant ‘dancing in my bedroom mirror’ energy. How do you maintain this balance?
It’s just what I do. I’ve always lived in extremes. One day I’ll be crying on my bedroom floor writing the saddest shit on my piano and the next day I’ll be speeding on the 101 on my way to the studio to write a punk anthem. That’s just life

You have been on the music scene for some years now: what have been some of your biggest lessons?
Stop apologizing. Never make yourself smaller so that the men you work with can be more comfortable. Give yourself more credit. Show up and make art every single day.

…and with this, what have been some of your biggest achievements?
Being chosen for the Playboy grant last year was such a legitimizing moment – my first art show. But making my own space in the world so that I can make my art every day and play shows around the world…that is my biggest achievement. Being content with where I am.

Words by Grace Powell 

Photography by Worst November

Listen to Live Laugh Love