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Glamcult Radical Tracks: New Year, New Finds

Is this mix a hot mess? Fuck yes! But, who doesn’t vibe with a bit of chaotic, hot mess energy sometimes?

2022: the year that started with an infamous slap and quickly descended into a hazy, disorienting fever dream. From the outright dystopian premise of a billionaire man-child purchasing Twitter to the uncomfortable and unforgivably centre-stage views of Kanye West, to bondage bears controversies, the descent of a giant, nauseating red carpet worms, a spray-on dress, and who could forget, the departure of Queen Lizzie and the return of our iconic Queen Jennifer Coolridge. // OR and you know what they say, when one Queen departs, another one enters. Bye-bye Lizzie hello Jennifer Coolridge.  

Saying this, we do have some good news for you. Astrologers suggest that while the criss-cross interplay of Saturn, Mars & Rahu caused mayhem in 2022, 2023 has a more simple and logical run of planets that will give us a period of reflection and opportunity to rebuild. Most notably, Pluto will be moving into Aquarius for the first time in 225 years, a match that gives revolution, rebirth and connectivity.

But… babes, we aren’t done with the fever dream chaos just yet, as saddle up for this month’s Radical Tracks playlist: New Year, New Finds. Each song on this hot 20 track playlist has less than 1000 plays on Spotify. Reflecting the explorative vibes of 2023, this selection has been curated with the new energy of the year in mind and features grass-roots producers and musicians from all over the world. 

When you press play, prepare to enter a minefield of abrupt sonic juxtapositions and a plethora of sounds from Breakbeat, Juke, Electro, and Hyperpop to Favela Funk. One moment, you will be immersed in a looping, aphotic and industrial sequence from Russian based DJ KAWAWAI, the next you will be slapped in the face “HI BITCH” with the cunty vocals of Argentinian producer Lv Amj’s campy Hi Cyka 2, just to be pulled back down to a slick, tightly produced drum and bass track by the up and coming UK artist Faul. 

Ok, is this mix a hot mess? Fuck yes! But, who doesn’t vibe with a bit of chaotic, hot mess energy sometimes.  

Words by Charlotte Hingley

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