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Glamcult Radical Tracks: Peaceful Awakening

The sacred, ritualistic powers of music can be traced back centuries, flourishing in many strands of civilization, religion and ideology. From the mystic, Sharmanic use of instruments in Native America which evokes a visceral dreamlike state. The cementing and significant use of Pagan folk music outlines both a joyous celebration and a darker, haunting occasion. The sacred role of drum patterns in African tribes is to connect with the cycles of life. The power of music to elevate feeling is etched into our DNA.

Okay, so where am I going with this exactly? Well, this month Glamcult brings you a Radical Tracks playlist to use as a soundtrack to your mornings; Peaceful Awakenings. While we historically know the all-encompassing, catalysting power of music to reach higher levels of spirituality, more recent scientific discoveries have only reinforced the incredible properties music has to tap into those pleasurable, relaxation sensors of the mind, heightening creativity. 


For example, a study by the Australian RMIT University revealed using a melodic, soft alarm improved alertness levels, whereas a harsh, sharp tone increased levels of morning grogginess. “If we can continue to improve our understanding of the connection between sounds and the waking state, there could be potential for applications in many fields”.  

It’s common knowledge that music can help us relieve stress, however giving your mind the space and capacity to slowly light up in the mornings can be a simple but impactful form of mindfulness and self-care. A study funded by Spotify discovered that listening to music starts off slowly but builds to a faster, upbeat tempo. between 100-130 BPMs resulted in the listener feeling “more empowered and comfortable” as they woke up. That’s why, this month the playlist is ordered from slow to fast, to give you a steady acceleration to consciousness.

Expect a collection of more melodic electronica, starting with the beautifully crafted aisatsana [102], Aphex Twin, building to a more layered, fragmented and looping composition with Loop No 1, Moomin to more classical, deeply textured ambient sounds with Subtractive Skies, Steve Hauschildt. Amongst more neo-soul melodies with 24K, Biig Piig to the iconic Baltimore, Nina Simone. Sprinkling in a hint of low-key, slow-tempo R&B and funk with Summer Love, dreamcastmoe and Don’t Stop, Qendresa. This month has a beautiful ensemble of stimulating, dreamy and vivacious tracks curated for your peaceful awakening. 


Words & curation by Charlotte Hingley