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Eurowitch, Derozan & Larasati

Still buzzing over our first episode of GLAMCULT SELECTS, we felt the night in question needed to be shared! Held at Amsterdam’s Radio Radio, the eve was nothing short of an exemplification of our city’s hottest DJs and producers. Marking the first of many to come, we invite you to check you the incredible sets of DEROZANEUROWITCH, and LARASATI, taking the dance floor home. Whether this is your first listen, or an opportunity to reminisce, enjoy the sounds of global dance tracks, electro-reggeaton fusions and deconstructed contemporary club sounds below.


Multidisciplinary artist and DJ Eurowitch is guaranteed to make you move your hips. His experimental approach reimagines the possibilities of reggaeton, dancehall, trap and baile funk beats that create a safe space for all. Being a Queer artist that works with Latin urban rhythms, Eurowitch doesn’t fit into the genre’s traditional mould. This is why their work focuses on LGBTQ+ representation in the urban music scene. GLAMCULT are proud to have him on our lineup for the first episode of Glamcult Selects @ RadioRadio.


½ of SU2IDYA, Derozan is reinventing what electronic music is and can be. The charming DJ draws on cinematic storytelling and film scores to inspire his sets – which are arguably scores in themselves. Take a peek into Derozan’s philosophy as he takes us on a journey into the mind of a true musical explorer.


Graphic designer turned DJ, LARASATI is expanding club borders. With an innate dislike for the omnipresent four-to-the-floor beat, they serve us non-western deconstructed club music. Their sound offers a safe haven for Queer club goers – and all open minds — who are not afraid to dance to the speed of LARASATI. Alongside their ever-growing DJ schedule, they are simultaneously curating musically trailblazing and Queer-friendly events.

Words by Grace Powell

Photography by Kikki 

Watch this space for GLAMCULT SELECTS #2 ?