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Glamcult Selects #3 celebrating our new issue!

Don’t miss our biggest (and most extravagant) selects yet!

All roads lead to Radio Radio for the third (the biggest, and the most extravagant) Glamcult Selects next Thursday! Alongside celebrating our eternal muse that is underground nightlife, we will also be celebrating the launch of our #138 print issue. Continuing the Selects tradition of bringing the scene’s most progressive musical masterminds together to honour dance, liberation and emerging talent, our third edition is sure to be a special one. Starting off the holiday season on a high note, we invite you to linger in the euphoria of a dark December night out, where minds are expanded and bodies are brought closer together.

Big love to Carhartt WIP for supporting us <3

In the true spirit of an underground rave, the event is FREE ENTRANCE but a closed door. You know the drill – please put your name down ASAP at rsvp@glamcultstudio.com or Instagram DM. Last few spots available!

To get you in the mood for the night, let us introduce you to the carefully curated lineup of your new (and old) favourite DJs. Keep your eyes out for more info coming in the next few days…

A “tender experiemntalist” at heart, chananja’s delicate approach to the technicalities of DJing as an art form results in an otherworldly, magical sound. With an unprecedented sentiment and imagination, chananja’s carefully crafts intricate sonic worlds, where the listener is invited to surrender and let go. From poetry to broken beat to deconstructed spiritual folk and everything in between, her sets transcend beyond confines of a genre, or what we know a club experience to be altogether. Chanaja’s mixes are a journey through soundscapes and storylines not typically explored on the dancefloor – but absolutely should be.

It’s Golin’s video game and she is the main character. Japan-born, Brussels-based, Rin Suemitsu creates J-pop like we’ve never heard before – it’s futuristic, hyperpop-y, sexy and sincere. A performer at heart, the same playful – and totally boundary-demolishing – energy permeates her DJ sets as well. From classical training to Japanese folkloric tales and modern underground influences, Golin welcomes you into her  eclectic universe of unparalleled sound. Brace yourself for an explosion.

Diora did not come to fuck around. Self-describing her sound as ‘transsexual warrior hymns’, Diora channels her feminine power into everything she does, and it is sexy, bass-heavy, and uptempo. As blood-pumping beats are in a dance with sultry vocals, Diora has the ability to transform the dancefloor into a parade, where everyone is encouraged to celebrate their identity and throw middle fingers at anything or anyone who tries to contain them. With her sets rooted in research, Diora continues the legacy of electronic music with authenticity, forward-thinking vision and some impressive mixing skills.


Glamcult’s cover girl takes the stage. Underground’s favourite, now rising as a dominant figure on the scene, the one and only VTSS is landing at Selects for an eruptive set not to be missed. High-frequency, fast-paced and always unpredictable and raw, the Polish producer has had the international rave scene in a chokehold for a hot minute. Gracefully manipulating the fringes of hard techno, VTSS’ sound pulsates through the crowd as one untameable force beyond definition.

Words by Evita Shrestha

RSVP at rsvp@glamcultstudio.com

See your beautiful face there <3