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Glamcult selects: Our Lente Kabinet must sees ?

An artistic experience for the history books

Why do we love Lente Kabinet so much? Beyond the amazing music selection, Lente Kabinet is an artistic experience like no other. Dropping their list of creative partners last week, trust us when we say, the art will make this year’s festival will go down remembered. We have chosen a few creatives who we are particularly excited about, but do yourself a favor and look at the full list as well.

Having received his bachelor in performance art, Nikki Hock creates artistic experiential spatial installations grounded in reality and the metaphysical. He weaves a tapestry of, color, light, sculpture, shape, you name it, to immerse viewers in his journey exploring new aesthetics. The art is twofold, utilizing the senses to induce both a collective and individual experience. His work has been shown before at the Stedelijk Museum, W139, Athens Digital Arts Festival, and other notable institutions.  

Elsemarijn Bruys is a spatial and visual artist reimagining atmospheres with her art. For Bruys, everything is tangible, creating pieces that actively take up space and attention. She uses conflicting materials to create unusual shapes and textures that begged to be touched. 


Framer Framed is a platform for contemporary art and critical political and cultural thought. Located in Oost, Framer Framed works with a host of international underground and established artists to create exhibitions for their large space. Along with the art, each exhibition has events meant to stimulate discussions around the topics the art deals with. Framer Framed reimagines the responsibility of art institutions and the role of art in public discourse in a refreshing way.  

Located in The Hague, The Gray Space in the Middle (aka The Gray Space) is a meeting place of art, science, philosophy, digital culture, food, and everything in between. Never bound to strict rules, the space fosters fundamental creativity by offering a space for artists to develop their ideas. The gray space actively promotes anti-disciplinarity, the space between the disciplines and normal structures of society. 

JUJULOVE has turned her childhood dream of wanting to be a witch into a career. Through dance, live music, and video performances, she makes the strong power of witchcraft tangible. Exploring topics like ecofeminism and science fiction with witchcraft, JUJULOVE creates highly refreshing art. Her clothing design is honestly the icing on the cake that makes her movement-based art something otherworldly.

Check out the full list of artists here!

Words by Ella Paritsky