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We’ve teamed up with local underground radio, Echobox, to curate our perfect Amsterdam night at Cafe40


We never need a reason to throw a party, however, with ADE on the horizon, Glamcult Selects has found the perfect excuse to do what we do best. Bringing our community trailblazers together, we’ve teamed up with the local underground radio, Echobox, to curate our perfect Amsterdam night at Cafe40. Alongside this Glamcult has been invited to be a part of Echobox Presents Amsterdam, their annual showcase of everything Amsterdam has to offer. We invited mynrgy, Ragasa and Lolo Batten live in the studio as a pre-party to Glamcult Selects. Tune in from 20:00-23:00 here! 

Glamcult Selects is all about celebrating emerging and established talent, so in the true spirit of an underground rave, the event is FREE ENTRANCE but a closed door. Please put your name down ASAP at rsvp@glamcultstudio.com or Instagram DM – the spots are going fast! To get you ready for the night, let us introduce you to the carefully curated lineup, made in collaboration with Echobox.

“Stingy, sweet, weird or unexpected.” Citruks’ show on Echobox, Citrus, exists between the worlds of music, literature and poetry. Fascinated by the juxtaposition that can exist within sound, Citruks is never confined to a single genre or even era; rather they build sets that get both your body moving and minding thinking. 

Always on the prowl for fresh sound dynamics, intricate arrangements, and unexpected fusions, dirtydms embarks on a constant quest for innovation. She seamlessly melds her “real” and “virtual” life experiences, making her a long-anticipated addition to our Selects lineup. We’re thrilled to finally introduce you to her unique sound!

Our headliner for the night is Kleine Crack. Bringing Memphis-inspired beats with a European twist, the Belgian rapper has pioneered an entirely new genre within the Antwerp music scene: dark and haunting, foregrounding symbols straight out of the occult. Crack and his producer, Slagter, together turn the spotlight on the underground itself. Their crew, VHS, is composed of young and upcoming artists who emulate this approach, opening up a constellation of new horizons and directions in which this budding genre can evolve.

Mila V, a talented musician and filmmaker, weaves a self-produced tapestry inspired by the ethereal and spiritual aspects of nightlife. Drawing from the realms of Rave, Metal, and Hip-Hop, Mila V brings a one-of-a-kind fusion to her sound. As a one-woman powerhouse, she not only creates music but also crafts hypnotic visuals, all while delivering electrifying live-set performances.

Noise Diva is the Amsterdam-based producer and DJ who we have come to know and love thanks to her residencies at Garage Noord and Echobox. Bridging the gap between the genres of Dancehall, UK Garage, Moroccan trap and so on, her sets are simultaneously infectious and ecstatic. 


A former resident of the Amsterdam festival Strange Sounds From Beyond, this Dutch artist goes beyond typical dance floor tracks. Playing with audience expectations, Vox Supreme has made significant strides in recent years, performing at clubs like De School, Garage Noord, mur mur, RADION, and more. They also run the traumgarten label, which now has a residency on Echobox Radio and Kiosk Radio. During the pandemic, they launched the label, including a 30-track benefit compilation and a twelve-inch record. The second benefit compilation, featuring artists like upsammy, Nazanin Noori, Know V.A., and Guenter Råler, is set to release in June 2022.

Glamcult Selects X Echobox

Friday 20th October @ Cafe40

Rsvp via rsvp@glamcultstudio.com

Words by Grace Powell