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Glamcult Selects X G-Star RAW: meet the line-up!

Don’t miss out on the hottest (literally ?) event of the summer: Glamcult Selects X G-Star RAW! We’re thrilled to be celebrating the exclusive Glamcult X G-Star Elwood capsule collection at Kanaal 40 this Thursday. Get ready for a night filled with style, music, and fun as we present the 5th edition of Glamcult Selects. Our lineup features the incredible talents of Slim Soledad, Toma Kami, and Giaderza, to get a sneak peek of what’s in store, read up and listen to the links below!

Join us this evening,  September 7th at Kanaal 40 from 9 PM to 2 AM. Remember, it’s a FREE ENTRANCE event, but due to limited space, make sure to RSVP via DM here.

Meet Slim Soledad, a versatile artist originally from Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil, who now calls Berlin her creative haven. Her artistry effortlessly navigates the rich tapestry of music genres, from the lively rhythms of Baile Funk to the expressive moves of Vogue and contemporary dance music. These diverse influences infuse her work as both a performer and a music producer, adding unique layers to her creations. Slim Soledad is also a co-founder of Chornobyl, a welcoming Queer collective in Brazil that champions inclusivity for BPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities within the arts. Her involvement with this collective exemplifies her unwavering commitment to fostering a more diverse and vibrant artistic landscape. Her artistic journey traces back to her childhood, where the backdrop of her parents’ music-filled home and the spirited family gatherings left an indelible mark. These cherished memories serve as a constant source of inspiration, propelling her mission to craft art that transcends boundaries and celebrates the full spectrum of human expression.

Toma Kami

Toma Kami, the innovative force behind the prestigious Man Band label and a Parisian DJ and producer, possesses a profound affection for dynamic percussion, blending lively beats with playful samples. His reputation extends beyond his role as the founder of Man Band, as he has garnered acclaim for his exceptional releases with Livity Sound and YOUTH. Toma Kami is now prepared to demonstrate his mastery of polyrhythms, captivating the audience with flawless transitions and electrifying vigour.


Meet Giaderza, the Rotterdam-based DJ with a down-to-earth vibe and undeniable roots in electronic music and Latin soundscapes. Formerly known as Lin Tonic, Giaderza is deep in the city’s vibrant music scene, particularly in Rotterdam, as notably, Giaderza is the programmer behind the progressive nightclub MONO, where they’ve left their mark. This year, alongside friends Lulu, Derozan, and Nèna, they’ve launched Natiforme, a collective and label set to unveil exciting tracks soon. In collaboration with their close friend Isa, they also orchestrated the MOB1LIZE festival in Rotterdam, bringing in some of their favourite artists. Additionally, Giaderza is one-half of the musical duos SU2IDYA and Bruised Gills, showcasing their multifaceted talent. Giaderza’s journey in the electronic music world is both remarkable and grounded, making them a key figure in Rotterdam’s music scene.

Pull up to Glamcult Selects X G-Star RAW tonight!

9PM-2AM, Kanaal 40

Rsvp via DM here ?