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Glamcult x Depop: Lis Rutten

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Marking a decade of Depop, 2021 has seen a rise in our collective consciousness. Evoking change is the new normal, and sustainable fashion is more relevant than ever. The fast-fashion antidote began as a place for young creatives to share their work, and has continued changing the way we consume, collect and share the treasures adorning our wardrobes. Community-powered and driven, Depop frontiers circular fashion, creating an ecosystem where well-served garments are ready for new love. Rewriting the rules of fashion, Depop is where everything from vintage treasures, to modern-day trends come to reincarnate, rejuvenating the power of style and envisioning a better future.

As avid believers in the reframing of the fast-fashion industry, Glamcult teamed up with Depop to explore our favourite style-icons wardrobes. Selecting pieces ready for a new-life, we introduce GLAMCULT’S very own Depop shop; where we share the stories behind the clothes ready for your purchase. Next up is Lis Rutten, a creative connoisseur of curating faces, who shared with us her stories, garments, and reflections of fashion.

All the items are from second-hand stores or flea markets - often online

Hey Lis, how are you doing?
Hello, I’m doing well! Enjoying my break in France with my Mum and dog.

This has been a big year for you! From really kicking off your casting agency alongside your own modeling career, what makes your attitude towards fashion uniquely you?
Yes, it’s been a crazy year… I think it’s the excitement and adrenaline I get every time something big gets confirmed! The very first client of the agency was Gucci, and my friends said one night, “what if you’d work with Balenciaga as well?” while drinking wine. We were just fantasizing about the future, laughing about it, but a few days later I got an email from them: one of my boys that I scouted in the supermarket is doing their campaigns and shows now.

Fashion is an integral part of your creativity – could you tell me about the pieces you will be sharing on Depop and how they came into your hands?
I rarely buy anything new! So all the items are from second-hand stores or flea markets – often online. Some of these are the clothes I was wearing when I started working a lot as a model.

It makes no sense anymore to always buy something new

Sharing our style allows the pieces to have a second life. What does the idea of circular fashion, which Depop evokes, mean to you?
I think it’s very important – there is too much of everything already! We are too comfortable. Even donation organizations have too much clothes. It makes no sense anymore to always buy something new, as you’re basically supporting industries that are a big part of the global up-warming.

Fashion is a global community. How have you seen the world transition environmentally within the 2021 era?
On a personal level, within this era, I try my best already to compensate for the flights I have to take for work. If I can, I take the train (and so do most people in the industry!) Alongside this, by up-cycling products, having vegan food on set, doing more from home, etc., change is made.

Providing a space for new narratives within the industry is integral. What do you hope to see in the future of fashion?
I hope to see change in fast fashion.

I hope to see a change in fast fashion

…And what projects are in store for you this coming year from you?
I never know what will happen (or what to expect) but I have a great team working with me at the agency … so I have a good feeling. We’re planning on casting another show and focusing on the quality of the agency – not too much on growing it.

Words by Grace Powell
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