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Glamcult X Depop: Lissa Brandon

Cut the ribbon and enter the Glamcult Depop shop!

Marking a decade of Depop, 2021 has seen a rise in our collective consciousness. Evoking change is the new normal, and sustainable fashion is more relevant than ever. The fast-fashion antidote began as a place for young creatives to share their work and has continued changing the way we consume, collect and share the treasures adorning our wardrobes. Community-powered and driven, Depop frontiers circular fashion, creating an ecosystem where well-served garments are ready for new love. Rewriting the rules of fashion, Depop is where everything from vintage treasures, to modern-day trends, come to reincarnate, rejuvenating the power of style and envisioning a better future.

As avid believers in the reframing of the fast-fashion industry, Glamcult teamed up with Depop to explore our favourite style-icons wardrobes. Selecting pieces ready for a new-life, we introduce GLAMCULT’S very own Depop shop; where we share the stories behind the clothes ready for your purchase. First up is the amazing Lissa Brandon, a creative connoisseur of everything fashion, who shared with us their stories, garments and reflections of fashion.

Circular fashion is a beautiful way for us to keep innovating within our own styles

Hey Lissa! How is this summer treating you?
Heyy there! Honestly summer is treating me good. I’ve been working, but also had the chance to slip away and into the sun for a bit with some lovely people. Both me, my friends and fam are healthy and safe so yeah – I feel blessed and thankful!

We loved getting a sneak-peek into your wardrobe! Could you tell me about the pieces you will be sharing on Depop?
Most of the items I’ll be sharing come straight from my styling collection. So, I most likely purchased it for a shoot or two… but these items haven’t been worn as much as they’d deserve. Out of everything, the pink Kangol beret definitely carries the strongest memories. I copped this in 2017 for one of the first shoots I initiated to capture my alter ego in front of the lens. This was the start of a new era for me as an all-round creative. The unlocking of a new character, Mojo Nodnarb. 

Sustainable shopping within today’s era is so important. What excites you about the expanding world of circular fashion?
I love that the options are growing in a way that’s accessible to all budgets. We live in a time where social media often encourages us to not repeat looks and continuously show something “new”. That’s probably also one of the reasons why fast fashion companies keep on making money. Circular fashion is a beautiful way for us to keep innovating within our own styles without the waste of continuously buying new clothing. New isn’t always better. 

Dressing is quite an instinctive thing and not necessarily intentional

Fashion creates connections, communities and friends. What does your style say about you, and what do you hope people take away from the looks you share?
For me, dressing is quite an instinctive thing and not necessarily intentional. But I’d like the looks I present to trigger people to experiment. Don’t be scared to express your true self. Sometimes that may mean looking super cozy. Other times I live by ‘more is more.’ Don’t overthink it, let it flow.

Often it can be the adrenaline of discovering something truly special which keeps us enthralled! Fashion is truly Aladdin’s cave. What have you got your eyes on this season?
I love what Schiaparelli is doing. They’re taking “jewellery” to a-whole-other level. 

As an independent creative, stylist and all-around boss, how do you hope the growth of platforms, such as Depop can help push us beyond the hierarchies of the industry?
Depop offers an alternative for sustainable shopping within all price ranges. This makes it easier for individuals to make a positive change in their consumption. You sell from ‘customer to customer’ – so that takes out the big corporations. Every Euro that’s spent on Depop, will not be spent at a less sustainable place that adds to the pollution of our world. 


Every Euro that’s spent on Depop, will not be spent at a less sustainable place that adds to the pollution of our world. 

It’s been great to touch base (as always)! Is there any new work from you we should be keeping an eye out for in the future?
I’m currently working on the REconstruct AFW fashion show which is really exciting. Reconstruct is a collective of female designers that reconstruct overstock into new unique pieces. I love their brand and it’ll be the first fashion show that I’ll be styling and walking in. So yeah, I can’t wait to see this new opportunity unfold!

Words by Grace Powell
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