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Glamcult X Depop: Tim Wes

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Marking a decade of Depop, 2021 has seen a rise in our collective consciousness. Evoking change is the new normal, and sustainable fashion is more relevant than ever. The fast-fashion antidote began as a place for young creatives to share their work, and has continued changing the way we consume, collect and share the treasures adorning our wardrobes. Community-powered and driven, Depop frontiers circular fashion, creating an ecosystem where well-served garments are ready for new love. Rewriting the rules of fashion, Depop is where everything from vintage treasures, to modern-day trends come to reincarnate, rejuvenating the power of style and envisioning a better future.

As avid believers in the reframing of the fast-fashion industry, Glamcult teamed up with Depop to explore our favourite style-icons wardrobes. Selecting pieces ready for a new-life, we introduce GLAMCULT’S very own Depop shop; where we share the stories behind the clothes ready for your purchase. Next up is Tim Wes, a creative connoisseur of everything music, who shared with us their stories, garments and reflections of fashion.

That's why my style is different many times, but always a reflection of the same soul.

Hey Tim! How are you today?
I’m Gucci, Thankful for another day on this planet in good health.

Your work is often described as multi-disciplinary. Do you consider your personal to emulate the same energy?
The things I create are being named multi-disciplinary by the world, because the world wants to label everything to comprehend. They teach you that from a young age. To me the ‘you’ is the spirit and the soul. It all comes from the same place, same portal and same DNA. That doesn’t mean it should always be the same discipline or the same style. That’s why my style is different many times, but always a reflection of the same soul.

The memories our garments evoke is so special. What do you hope to pass on with the clothes you will be sharing on our Depop?
Just have fun with it. Own it, dance, be confident. And wear it, don’t let the clothes wear you.

We try to inspire the world and show that up-cycling is just a new standard

The circularity of fashion which Depop allows for is also (vitally) more sustainable. How do you practice thoughtful-fashion within your own day-to-day life?
One of my jobs is working as the Creative Director of all imagery and campaigns for 1/OFF Paris(re)made, a company which in its core is an up-cycled high-end fashion brand. Together with Renee Van Wijngaarden (founder) we try to inspire the world and show that up-cycling is just a new standard. So yeah…. I wear a lot of 1/OFF ha-ha.

How do feel music, art, fashion (and everything in between) allows us to connect with one another?
I think these mediums are one of the most important things in our lives nowadays. It brings people together, it inspires, starts conversations, makes people reflect on their own lives and heals. We’ve seen what the lack of it did to us during this pandemic.

And within this, where do you feel most at home?
Music has been my first love though. Despite everything I touch, that will always be home the most to me.

What have been your most memorable fashion discoveries?
Back in the days when I didn’t have a lot to spend on clothing I used to go with Lissa Brandon, my cousin, to thrift shops, searching for special items. It was always exciting to find these pearls in all the chaos. We still do it sometimes. It’s the best feeling.

It was always exciting to find these pearls in all the chaos

Having fairly recently released your album, Pink Dolls Blue Trucks, what can we expect to see on your horizon?
Expect the unexpected. Just know that everything I do comes straight from my heart and I will always give it my all.

Words by Grace Powell
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