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Glamcult’s guide to ADE 2019

Were taking the road less traveled for this years edition of the legendary festival.

It’s October, and in Amsterdam that inevitably means two things: firstly, it will rain so much that you might as well forget what sun looks or feels like, because you will anyway; secondly, that doesn’t really matter, as your sense of time’s passage will most likely be compromised regardless of atmospheric conditions—why yes, it is ADE season! The annual five days and nights long electronic music festival that renders sleepless locals and visitors alike, Amsterdam Dance Event is notoriously intense. Sure, the event that attracts hundreds of thousands of bpm fanatics fromall over Europe and, indeed, tourists are annoying even if you are one yourself… but who said you can’t be selective and still have fun? Besides, there is so much more to ADE than savage sets and irreversibly ruined shoes (you shouldn’t have worn those!)—it is a music conference after all, boasting hundreds of talk, workshops, performances and various other celebratory occasions, all happening in the name of music. To meet your needs both day and night and perhaps suggest paths less trodden, Glamcult has devised a day-by-day list of events you might want to consider.

To kick off ADE 2019, on Wednesday the 16th SYMBYOSYS are setting up camp at the sexiest of all the lands, SEXYLAND, for some much needed mid-week dancing.  Run by young talents from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, SYMBYOSYS is budding collective championing experimental electronic music, so expect a heavy dose of ‘avant-garde raving’—their words, not ours! If you want to get away from mainstream crowds and experience the hottest new voices of the local scene then look no further: capacity is limited, but the talent is boundless, with line-up comprised of ascending star of Amsterdam underground scene and X3 co-founder Nocturnal Femme, and fever dream machine Snufkin, alongside supernovas Fatima Ferrari, Lazergazer, and many more.

On Thursday you might want to, as it were, take several seats, and for once we’re actually being literal. Together with SPIELRAUM and IHLIA, we are pleased to invite you to an evening (moderated by our very own LYZZA!) in conversation with producer, DJ, label founder and The Queen Of Hell herself Jasmine Infiniti. Inspired by IHLIA’s commitment to preserving the too often undocumented relics and stories of LGBTQIA+ nightlife, the event is set to offer an in-depth exploration of queer club culture histories, examining where their precious legacies stand today. This kind of discussion should be at the forefront of today’s nightlife, seeing as EDM’s prolific rise is indebted in a lot of ways to LGBTQIA+ communities, so this is a no-brainer ADE highlight—come and dive deep! And for the real deep divers eager to immediately put the lessons learnt to the test, that same night Jasmine Infiniti will perform at SPIELRAUM’s ADE special.

Before entering the sweaty abyss of the ADE weekender on Friday, you should conduct a proper warm-up session like a professional athlete that you are. Eager to meet your needs, Shelter is hosting a daytime party together with DJ Bone’s Homeless Homies fundraiser initiative. Homeless Homies’ goal is to unite techno and community, helping the homeless one city and one party at a time. For this ADE edition, Bone and nine close friends will occupy the infamous basement of club Shelter. This is an all-around dance for a good cause opportunity: all tickets proceeds will be donated across the international Homeless Homies foundation and two Amsterdam homeless shelters; and you will come out galvanized, ready for whatever the night has in store for you—and, as always, it promises a lot.

Here the honourable mention must go to the annual family affair that is Het Weekend at De School. Spanning four days and with a 30+ act strong line-up, this is one of those crazy busy ADE experiences that can really push one’s resilience to its limits, so pick your battles (and entry timeslots) wisely: with the likes of Animistic Beliefs, LSDXOXO, Parrish Smith and CEM keeping our flesh and spirit alight all weekend long, this is one piece of ADE dancefloor worth fighting for.

Amidst all the madness Saturday offers a moment of reflection with AETHER, a surround sound installation that seeks to reappropriate the worldly walls of Noorderkerk as a new sacred place. The evening’s ritualistic offerings are as follows: old friends and colleagues Boris Acket, Nick Verstand and Salvador Breed invite the weary partygoers to engulf themselves in a colourful thick mist, guided by a site-specific composition by Marteen Vos performed on the infamous Knipscheer organ. The trio are interested in investigating space as a medium in its own right, using music, light, spatial audio and kinetic elements to explore new ways of experiencing the places we choose to inhabit; proposing an expansive sensory encounter, ATHER makes for a welcome mid-weekend ADE layover.

Words by Glamcult


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