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Glamcult's spring style guide

A 2023 guide for spring-alicious pieces that you will want for the blossoming season!


When the clock resets, it’s time for us to reset too! A new mood, a new routine, and a new era to mark the year. Spring time! Time for a spring clean, and more importantly, time for some self-enhancing pieces to add to your closet collection. Time to dress SPRING! When it comes to the season of change, we love everything colours, from the saturated life of vibrant green trees, to bright yellow daffodils, to the colourful collection all around. Whether you are taking a spring break or staying in your abode, absorb these palettes, satiate upon crinkles and wear whatever brings you joy!

As another day goes by, another sun rises and sets, and as we are repeating cycles and responding to nature’s calls we are spiralling into longer days, breezy afternoons, and an elongated glowful season. Our first pick to mark this turn is Luiny’s Spiral Earrings. These brass or gold-plated earrings are the perfect addition to elevate any outfit and get lost in the warm shiny sunshine. 

Every season has to have our most-worn item: a tracksuit. And what better way to spice up the signature look, than with New Amsterdam Surf Association’s 100% cotton, lilac embroidered fit? A colour for the season, this heavy-weight piece comes in a regular fit with a distressed tone. Unisex (as always), sport this suit when camping out in the spring breeze, popping to the market on a Saturday, or (if you’re anything like us) sitting behind your desk on the daily!

A deep blue reminiscent of an ocean and flowing water is perhaps a sign of returning to the beach and the sea. Take this Agave Triangular Tote bag in Electric Blue on your little Spring break getaway. Made in Mexico from cactus fibres and lined with 100% organic cotton, the quality and colour go a long way. We love this triangular shape tote, adding that extra elevation to be either dressed up or down.

A hand crafted stretching and illusory piece. Fabric distortion at its very daintiest by Greta Garmel, is a piece you can carefully wrap up in your bag during this warming season (perhaps a trip to the docks for a swim). With the burnt orange and a light brown, the piece lets you explore its duality. A light refreshing earthy taste of the outdoors.

You wince, you smile, sitting behind the person wearing the Smize Barrette, or … you think I want that sunshine with me too! A beautiful Ashbark patterned hair clip, whose pearl and glimmer elevate your look and emanate through from your head to your toes. Pinned up with a smize, the Emily Dawn Long barrette will keep you in synergy and balance.

A little covering for some creamy drapes of pink or beige. Letting your hearts and bubbles of adrenaline loose in a perfectly asymmetrical neckline, fitting to your bends, and edges, and spinal breaths. Running down like a waterfall, the elasticity of the Paloma Wool top that you just can’t but want to add to your wardrobe.

The slime-looking glossy bags that keep you guessing, will keep you best dressing. A work of art from the artist to you! Wear these translucent fun-coloured bags to the market for a walk or a picnic. They will latch on to you, like adhesive glue! (P.S. Go buy them at Glamcult Store at Dollebegijnensteeg 5, Amsterdam). 

Silky and rhythmic like honeycomb, the regenerative layers of skin that bind to your own in winding wavelengths. Deparel’s curated and hand manufactured collection of knitwear lets our monochromatic vibrant traces come to the surface. This bikini is a perfect way to soak up some rays of sun, a soft loose fabric hugging you at your most water nymph self. The Amsterdam-based duo behind the brand takes the raw materials and undulating lines in their work to a vivacious level.

Let the toes breathe! We’ve all been a little too shy with our toes, but there’s no better way to let them loose on the soft beds of the Yume Yume Tyre Slides. Fitting your foot to dance to the rhythm of a spring beat. These Tyre Slides are the best way to step up your flip flop game. Run run to buy them in Amsterdam at Glamcult Store (Dollebegijnensteeg 5, Amsterdam). 

Paris-based fashion icon Paco Rabanne has exclusively teamed up with Zalando to create their Flow capsule collection. Celebrating the new generation of consumers (we feel seen…), this collab’ comes in all the spring colourways. However, the showstopper of the season is the Paco Rabanne 1969 HAWAI bag.

Elegantly gliding  ropes and woven strings. A hug to the thighs, a brush to the chest, and an open torso. The Isa Boulder tops wind around you in an everlasting whirl. These bikini sets, tops and dresses of spider web hot messes are not to be contemplated. Fly into the web, get your wings caught in its strings. 

Sunshine tentaclating pendants! Made of infused glass brown globs of colour. Diffusing you with the rays of sunshine that dangle and wrap themselves lovingly around your neck. Take them to your favourite spot to soak up each radiating sunny drop. A bit of Gimaguas dream to blow off some sunny steam.

Outdoor with Dior! A hike-able, cutesy, open breathing shoe. Letting you jump into the grasses, the mountains, and the landscapes of new horizons. Weave your favourite flowers and patterns and yourself into these shoes.

Words by Lara Somoroff