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God Save McQueen

Get tagged in the new McQueen Graffiti Collection

Inspired by punk graphics – evident by the typeface on the sides – Alexander McQueen‘s new Graffiti collection just popped up. Solid and in your face, these designs stray away from the last few delicate frames that the brand has come out with, opting instead for chunky frames and bold, in-your-face colorways. While a black frame with red text gives us a quintessential Sex Pistols vibe, they manage to translate that energy onto khaki, white, and pink. The term ‘Punk’ might be thrown around pretty recklessly nowadays, but McQueen knows what they’re talking about – centering the collection around the epitome of anti-establishment street art. Classy and edgy, these new frames are for those who are too fast to live, with frames fit for a rockstar – vandalized for the sake of a little anarchy. Get you a guy that can do both, as this fusion of aesthetics has always been the designer’s forté. Who knows, maybe you’ll start seeing life a little differently.

Words by Alia Ayoubi