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Greentea Peng: Nah it ain't the same

Reflecting on the dissaray, and building something serene

Greentea Peng has been on our radar ever since Mr. Sun graced our summer-craving-ears a few of seasons ago… Since then, Lady Peng has been a playlist staple and a style inspiration in our daily routine. In a teaser for her debut album, she has just released new music, in the form of an eye opening, time-reflecting single, Nah It Ain’t The Same. Produced by her long-time collaborator Earbuts, the single examples musical excellence as her live band (The Seng Seng Family) entrance us with their hip-hop, jazz infusion. This is a coffee and a smoke kinda track with a gentle vibration that could chill the stress out of us all.

The video, shot by Machine Operated, follows our gal’ Greentea through her morning routine (Vogue are already on the line), but with a vivid encapsulation of the places she would rather be. Brighter, happier memories flood the screen, relating the message that beyond these grey scenes, theres a light on its way. As the album gets closer and closer, were are feeding off these artistic experiences and enjoying every sound, visual and LOOK Greentea Peng throws our way.



Watch this space for more Greentea Peng to come…

Listen to Nah It Ain’t The Same here!

Words by Grace Powell