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Old Gucci is the New Gucci: MFW

Constantly reinventing – and improvising


Like a rebellious teenager, Gucci has been through many phases. Like a wise grandparent, Gucci has adopted and integrated these phases into one harmonious, sentimental narrative. For the opening of Milan Fashion Week, Gucci presented a collection that reads like an exciting game of ping pong (if there is such a thing) between its eventful past and bright future, resulting in a nostalgic journey right to the nucleus of the fashion house’s identity. Adapting “improvisation as methodology”, the brand’s in-house designers look to references from 80’s Gucci’s sportswear, early 2000’s motorcycle aesthetic, Tom Ford’s cut-knees era and Alessandro Michele’s lavish approach, all reframed into the context of today. Indie sleaze low hanging necklines, beanies and leg-warmers share the runway with over-oversized blazers, elegantly draping trousers and weighty knit – with sequin overjoy, shiny vinyl and the iconic GG print frenetically tying everything together. In essence, the collection celebrates the freedom of styling and puts the wearer as the muse, reminding us that there are no rules. This is especially apparent in the accessories taken from the sacred Gucci archive, as the classic Piston Lock and Horsebit find themselves on magnified designs, and ornate foulards find a new life as patch on a pair of faded jeans. In all of this nostalgia, Gucci still manage to outdo themselves and prove once again that their prowess and imagination are inexhaustible.

Images courtesy of Gucci

Words by Evita Shrestha