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ASICS challenge boundaries

Unapologetic authenticity will never get old, and ASICS newest campaign celebrates just that. HER HERITAGE focusses on uplifting women, supporting those who challenge boundaries and envisioning a new world of greatness. The campaign not only has some sneaks to boost your shoe-game to 10/10 but also comes alongside two stories of tremendous women building each other up in a world that can feel against you. Success comes in many forms, but hearing the stories of Ava and Kristen, everything feels achievable. The new shoe’s will be shining to the high heavens as a bone white takes center stage in Japan S ™  PF, Gel-Nandi ™ and the Gel- Quantum 360 ™ 6. Catch yourself in a delightful mix of modernity, comfort, as well as minimalistic trend-setting as each pair brings a new element to the party. Made with either Gel technology cushioning (Gel-Nandi ™ & Gel-quantum ™ 6) or a stunning platform midsole (Japan S ™ ), there’s something for everyone. You can catch a pair today, as they are available now HERE! I mean, you can never have too many shoes ….right?…  ?


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Words by Grace Powell