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unapologetic creativity and experimentation

The reason we love Holland Festival so much is because of its unapologetic creativity and experimentation. It’s a special time of year when everyone comes together to appreciate the current state of the art world. And when we say everyone, we really do mean everyone. Holland Festival occupies a unique space in the cultural sphere, including young curators to help create the trailblazing programme. Why? Because art is for everyone which means everyone’s opinion, regardless of age, deserves to be heard. That is why Holland Festival has HF Young, the programme that gathers young lovers of everything cultural to create an inclusive platform – for everyone under 40 – to have radical discussions, and of course, fun. 

Honestly, HF Young is one of the primary things that draws us to the festival. It shows how genuine and dedicated they are to critical reflection on the world around us. Art world discussions have – for way too long – been reserved for the older upper-class elite. In turn, stories and opinions have been left unheard by the institutions. The festival challenges this not only with its event programme but also with its own internal structure with HF Young. Instead of merely assuming what others want, as Manon Schreurs, the HF Young Coordinator says, “why not just ask directly?” 

It is this attitude that keeps us coming back every year. But how does HF Young ‘ask directly’? For starters, it provides a safe space for anyone interested to come and think. This inclusive meet-up allows everyone to share their thoughts and be heard. “People are really looking for places where they can openly discuss and debate” Schreurs shares, “I think art is a beautiful platform for that.” The result is some of the most inspiring flow of ideas and feelings. “It’s interesting because everybody takes different things from art, relating them to their own experiences.”

A critical part of HF Young is the aforementioned culture-lovers – A.K.A. the HF Young Circle. Ranging in backgrounds, ten individuals are brought together to form a highly unique team that functions as a soundboard to the Holland Festival team. They also curate the HF Young favourites – which are always on our must-see list. This selection is the chosen favs of the circle that they know are specifically relevant to younger generations. In turn, everyone 39 and under gets a heavy discount – but first comes first serve so you have to act quick. “One of the ones I am looking forward to is already sold out” professes Schreurs, “but I also can’t wait for Moby Dick or, the Whale.” TBH, neither can we. Also on our watch list is Porca Miseria, the dance performance art trilogy that breaks the boundaries between dance, theatre and the visual arts.

What else is there to HF Young? Club nights of course. “If anyone is hesitant about what they will see at Holland Festival, this night is the place to start. It’s at a club – a space we are all well acquainted with – but mixed with all kinds of art to give a taste of what we’re bringing to the stage” Schreurs beautifully explains. The club nights are full of what we all need; energy, interdisciplinarity, and dancing. Mark your calendars because we’ve got three club nights left (L’Olivier afterparty June 11th, HF x Melkweg June 20th, and HF x Lofi x CTM  June 24th). Can’t wait to see you there ;). 

Overall, HF Young is something we’re so proud to have in our home. Its critically innovative spirit inspires and subverts the norms – something we can always get behind at Glamcult

Images courtesy of Holland Festival 

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Words by Glamcult