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Homme Plissé Issey Miyake F/W24 makes art

How creative materials can be translated to the medium of fashion


What are the limitations of fashion? How can those limitations be pushed while maintaining something that is constructed for the human form? Leave it to Homme Plissè Issey Miyake to answer these questions. This fall season Homme Plissé investigated how creative materials can be translated to the medium of fashion. AKA how can we wear paintings? While fine arts permeate throughout the fashion industry – from Moschino to Viv to Raf – Homme Plissé has done something uniquely different. Working with Ronan Bouroullec and his oeuvre, this collection presents looks that exist in the space between clothing and the canvas. Yup, we know, Issey Miyake has done it again. 

Who is Ronan Bouroullec? Glad you asked. The interdisciplinary artist works across mediums – often with his brother Erwan – creating objects, jewellery, interior design, paintings, and the list goes on. Needless to say, he’s a renaissance man. This F/W24 season dives into his paintings and drawings, seeing how they can transform into Issey Miyake.  What makes Issey Miyake the right brand for this task is…drum roll please… their pleats. Okay yes, that may be an obvious answer but hear us out. It is through their iconic pleat work that they are able to create discrete shading that mimics the initial brushwork. This can be especially seen in the RB_ALL OVER PLEATS chapter of the collection. Here Bouroullec’s group of works called “ALL OVER” – drawings filled with countless lines – are translated into flowing yet structural garments.

TBH, what follows this chapter is perhaps even more interesting. Titled OVERFLOW, this chapter explores the shapes that emerged in the previous chapter as a result of the drawings. It is the connection between these two chapters that really highlights the goal of this collection: to blend concept and practice. 

Our absolute fav moment from this collection are the cushion coats. These duvet-esque jackets have a Bouroullec pocket which the coat can be folded up into and create, well, a pillow – sleepy girlies, this collection is for you. Besides the pillow, the RB_DRAWING SCARF is a must. Inspired by parts of Bouroullec’s work, these knit scarves have holes in random places so they can be worn in various ways, basically creating wearable art. And if we are being honest, who doesn’t love a good scarf.

Words by Ella Paritsky
Images courtesy of Homme Plissè Issey Miyake