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A dream...wrapped in a thick layer of beautiful post-punk gloom

Hot Garbage return with a second album

Some might argue that there is a thin line between the impending doom of a nightmare and the uplifting energy of a dream. Hot Garbage is a band that carries the torch of their post-punk forefathers, consistently navigating the delicate balance between feelings of despair and inspiration. In a world saturated with artificial fame, square eyes, and washed-out faces illuminated by the light of an iPhone, the Canadian rockers encapsulate the ups and downs of isolation, dread, and resilience.

Their new album, ‘Precious Dream,‘ caters to the desires of those who seek to immerse themselves in the glorious gloom of thick guitar riffs, robust basslines, and the haunting presence of submerged vocals and eerie synths. What sets this album apart is its ability to draw the listener into a sound so enveloping that it’s challenging to break away. By the end of it, you’ve undergone a musical journey of highs and lows, but most importantly, a sense of release… as this record is emotive to its core.

Words by Dexter Burningham


Images by Lauren-Lynn Petrick