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Hotchpotch: A Fashion Exhibition by Duran Lantink & Pennywafelhuis

Welcome to this inclusive socio-artistic project which has become a fertile ground for serendipitous cross-pollination

Exploring the realm of traditional attire in 2023, Zeeuws Museum’s latest fashion exhibition, “Hotchpotch”,  presents a collaborative masterpiece by the esteemed Dutch designer Duran Lantink and the imaginative talents behind Pennywafelhuis. Delving into the profound significance (alongside future possibilities) of regional garments, Lantink, renowned for his ingenuity in transforming worn clothing into exquisite runway ensembles, assumes the spotlight.

Forging an extraordinary partnership between Lantink and the participants of Pennywafelhuis welcome to this inclusive socio-artistic project which has become a fertile ground for serendipitous cross-pollination. Together, they embark on a collective journey of deconstruction …and then reconstruction, breathing new life into pieces from the Zeeland regional costume. The outcome? A mesmerizing tapestry of creativity, where cultural traditions converge, and diverse artistic expressions find a shared haven within contemporary fashion.

Hotchpotch rejuvenates the term “Zeeuws” through a reimagining of traditional materials and techniques, with sustainability at its core. Traditional clothing takes on a fresh purpose, driving the transformative process. The exhibition celebrates discarded remnants as new, elevated art, while original techniques are reevaluated and reintroduced with a sense of renewed relevance.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the visually stunning spectacle of Hotchpotch, which also features the invaluable contributions of photographer Ari Versluis, artists FORMATS AND MECHANISMS, and filmmaker Jip Mus. From April 22 onwards, the Zeeuws Museum invites you to immerse yourself in this captivating exhibition where tradition becomes fluid, and a captivating narrative of cultural fusion unfolds.

Words by Grace Powell 

Images courtesy of Zeeuws Museum 

Hotchpotch | Zeeuws Museum

22 Apr 2023 to 29 Sep 2024

Learn more about the exhibition here!