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Immerge yourself in the installations of photographer Eric Gyamfi

Foam showcases intimacy across autobiographical and fictional borders.

Personal yet highly political is what one can call the work of Foam’s Paul Huf Award winner Eric Gyamfi. This week, the photography museum opens the artist’s first solo exhibition, where his work will turn the walls of the venue into installations of visual narratives, floating somewhere between autobiography and fiction.

Artistically, Gyamfi does not limit himself to just the photographic medium; instead, he broadens the horizons of his artworks with collages, texts, audio and alternative printing methods of photography, like cyanotype and silk screen printing. His installations for Foamconsist out of layers upon layers, leaving an opaque surface behind. Herein Gyamfi blurs the lines between fictional tales and real life events.

The museum showcases two of the photographer’s most recent series: “A Certain Bed” and “Fixing Shadows; Julius and I”. As the title of the first series may suggest, it revolves around a semi-autobiographical report on what it means to have a home—or not, something Gyamfi explored himself after he left his own home. In the second series, he experiments with the photographic portrait through blending his image with that of composer Julius Eastman, creating thousands of unique mixtures on cyanotype and silkscreen print. As a response to the composer’s experimental works, where every new composition contains aspects of all the previous ones, Gyamfi’s art achieves the same effect; an infinite variety of their two portraits combined.

Join us for the opening this Thursday, December 12, where Gyamfi’s art will be soundtracked by our friends from DRKNGHTS COLLECTIVE, a dynamic trio bound to mix you up with a delicious cocktail of reggaeton, wave, techno, and more.

Fixing Shadows

13 December—11 March

Foam Amsterdam


Words by Glamcult

All images courtesy of the artist