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Immerse yourself in sound with B&O

A talk with DJ Job Sifre

As you know, we take music (and the listening experience) very seriously! Being fully immersed in sound is a transcendental affair and the Danish electronic gurus’ Bang and Olufsen are here to provide. The exclusive masters of sound have begun to expand their expertise into smaller sound systems, so everyone can now have the opportunity to experience that B&O bass. We have teamed up with the sound-sorcerers themselves to celebrate their newest store opening in Haarlem by talking to some of our fave Haarlem-born artists! First up in this series, giving his take on the gear and diving into his creative experience whilst experimenting, is DJ and producer, Job Sifre. Sifre is a true staple of the Dutch underground, being an experimentalist at heart. His dystopian soundscapes have elevated spaces time and time again, having graced some of the best stages in Holland. Sifre is riding the musical high and there’s no slowing down his successes! We talk about his live sets and genre-hopping journey to being here today, alongside testing out some of the best products in sound!  

First of all, how would you describe your sound?

All the music I make is very personal. The vocals I use are mostly about things that are going on in the world, in politics or in my personal life; that’s a really important aspect for me as an artist. Sound-wise, I really like dark stuff. I like when things are not comfortable; when you hear a sound and you don’t know if you like it or not. I like that feeling. It has to be a bit weird.

It’s safe to say then that your sound is quite dystopian and incorporates many different elements of electronic music. Where do you find inspiration?

Basically, from anything! Not just electronic music, but also metal, movie soundtracks, or soundscapes and noises from everyday life. It can also come from a sound that I don’t necessarily like! I try not to have one kind of source, but to take inspiration from everywhere—it makes things more original.

A lot of your originality lies within the immersive experience of your club sets. How do you find the Beoplay headphones in recreating this atmosphere? 

The thing that’s so nice about going to clubs is that you’re literally surrounded by the sound. You can fully experience it. Because of the sound quality [of the headphones], you hear the music and nothing else. You don’t have any distractions, so it makes it feel like you could be in a club.

Much of your music stems from within the club-scene, how do you translate it within different spaces?

Yeah, so because I usually make music for clubs, I always have the intention that we should listen to it on a big sound system. However, I always find it very nice to listen to club music when I’m not actually in a club!  I think (and I hope) people also feel that way about my music.

Tech growth and outreach are transforming the music industry every day. How do you think these changes have affected the craft of DJing?

Nowadays, electronics, in general, are way cheaper, meaning a lot of people can start DJing from the get-go. It’s not always a good thing, but for the really talented people, who begin in this field and don’t have as much money, it’s great in the fact that they can start off cheap. Reaching out to your audience is also really easy now; you can connect with lots of different people and send your music to the other side of the world.

How has the community here in Holland impacted you creatively?

My interest in techno grew further once I came to Amsterdam. I heard a lot of sub-genres that I hadn’t heard before, and through that, I found the music I really love. First, it was just techno, but then, after making a distinction between different genres, I really found what I liked. Also, the way people express themselves in this community, the fact that each has its own style, this is really important to me.

Anything exciting in the works for the future?

I’ve been in the studio a lot for the past six months, and now I have more than 20 new songs finished. I hope to find a new label to release them. I haven’t released anything for two years now, so I’m excited to let people hear my new stuff. It’s also a bit scary because I have changed-up a bit; my new style is way more clubby, and you never know if people will like the things you’ve changed.


Bang & Olufsen hit the mark when it comes to sound quality. When music is your calling, these are the guys – bringing the atmospheric nuance to every corner of your listening experience. Since expanding their expertise into some more accessible gear, you can now catch their quality in a multitude of ways. From headphones to speaker systems, B&O covers a range of needs, with something for every music lover’s must-have list.

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Photographer: Emilija Juskaite

Words by Grace Powell