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(IM)POSSIBLE BODIES: its time to investigate.

Our most anticipated events on the digital festival’s agenda.

If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new festival in town. One that blends perfectly within today’s digital age and uplifts the cyberspace of entertainment as a place it was originally made for. Yes, you got it… (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES. This festival, described as a “digital voyage of discovery” brings the pixel-powered juice, as we dive into the events that await us! Check out a selection of what we are gagging to see and join us for the digital festival of all digital festivals. 

Panel Discussion (IM)POSSIBLE BODIES x BodyDrift

First on our list is, and for good reason, a discussion into our individual placements which intersect the line between body and technology. Are we becoming cyborgs? Can we mould ourselves? How far will it go? These will be questions discussed between renowned artists Agi Haines, Lucy McRae, Fredric Baas, Roanne van Voorst and Ine Gevers.  Click here for more info!


XOIR / Colin Self

Communal, in-person, get-togethers might be far from our reality- however, XIOR has a virtual session in mind. A session to sing. In a bid to stimulate our collective visions, a contemporary imagination is in-need as you can now explore a collaborative sound practice. Join the XIOR sessions as well as a ‘Tuning Meditation’ with Pauline Oliveros. Tune in and re-tune here. 

Gabber Modus Operandi

Music masters, Gabber Modus Operandi, truly live up to their name. Sampling gabber, footwork, noise, grindcore as well as unique Indonesian sounds, the artists are ready to bring us something completely new. Gabber Modus Operandi and Tristan Deschamps discuss the role of identity, experimentation and tradition within the role of artistic practice. Asking the overriding question, “What can we learn from them and how can we use their mindset as we think about our own individual future?” Join the sesh here. 



Closing off the festival, Reeps100 featuring. AI ‘Second Self’: Human and Machine. This art an science collaboration with Reeps100, Dada Bots and the Nokia Bell labs EAT program is an integration of machine learning, generative audio alongside more traditional artistic tools. The goal of this closing ceremony is to raise awareness of machine learning, and the boundaryless world of technology. Close off here. 



23 Oct- 1st Nov

Check out the full programme.