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In conversation with Bel

A shining light on a mundane day.

Bel is a shining light on a mundane day. Listening to her music was my first step towards adoration, but getting to talk with the artist, as well as share our excitement for this collaboration truly set the love in motion. Described as a ‘boundary-pushing’ performer, Bel doesn’t even see the boundary insight, a true free-spirit, artistic excellence runs through everything she does, leaving a part of her essence within every sound. T1 has been awe-inducing, and this last single of the trilogy, Good News, was a perfect way to end the story. Anxiety-inducing, yet serene and sensual- it’s hard not to get hyperbolic! All I can say is, check it out for yourself, and you will know what I mean!

Hey Bel, how is it going today?

I’m well! I feel really nerdy admitting this, but I’ve had a crush on Glamcult for a very long time. I feel really excited to be chatting with you. You’ve had so many of my idols/inspirations grace your covers – SOPHIE, Arca, FKA Twigs, Dev Hynes, Sevdaliza, Caroline Polachek – I just love the Glamcult ethos and aesthetic. Glad I got all that off my chest!!

I LOVE your newest single Good News; could you dive into the creative process behind the song?

I wrote ‘Good News’ in Stockholm a few years back. It all happened so quickly- like I didn’t even have control over the direction of the song. I remember melodies and lyrics coming faster out of my mouth than my fingers could write. When I finished it, I knew straight away it was going to be a super weird one and I wanted the production to feel demonic. Most of the song’s production is layers of my vocals, prayer-like chanting to make instruments and build tension. The intro to the song is me freestyle humming. It was a fun one to produce that’s for sure.

The video is also super dystopian, and dark… is this surrealist vision something you feel connects with your artistry?

Thank you so much. Surrealism within my visual art – the transportation of a viewer to dystopian spaces within themselves – is a focal point in every visual I create. I am very particular and I mood board everything. I am always seeking to push boundaries, test new waters, challenge myself as a performer and experiment within my means as an independent artist. The visuals are equally as important as the sonics to me, so the deeper I can make a viewer delve into my fantasy, the better. I can’t wait to keep finding new limits.

The video has been described as ‘anxiety-provoking’; how do you feel the song connects to that notion?

Haha YES! I am obsessed with that. That is exactly how I want it to be described; like leeches crawling under your skin – some serious tension! I wrote the video treatment with 6 emotions in mind – vulnerability, obsession, disorientation, lust/thirst, hysteria, possession – I would expect that anxiety would arise when moving through these sensations. The song is my love letter to all of those things.


You certainly push not only visual, but also musical boundaries! Is this something you would characterise yourself as, a boundary-pusher?

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m constantly pushing myself to the limit in all areas of my life, sometimes, to my detriment. I struggle to follow a herd and do what everyone else is doing, particularly within the music industry. That being said, I don’t feel I have earnt such a complimentary title just yet. I want the world to decide on that one, not me.  

Fashion also plays an important role within your artistry- how do you choose to represent yourself through fashion? Is it the outer-self speaking for the inner?

Fashion has played an enormous role in ‘setting me free’ of many demons, so to speak. I even have a tattoo on the back of my arm of a hangar attached to a balloon, symbolizing this sacred relationship. A lot of people view fashion as superficial, but I don’t think they understand what it is. It’s an art form, like painting, like sculptures, like dance, or music. My sense of style and self-presentation I hope helps the outer world understand me better. The way in which I dress tells stories about my life, self-worth, beliefs, relationships – essentially, reflecting my inner world. The confidence that I exude when dressed up is something comparable to being on stage for me. It’s euphoria. It will always play a major role in my narrative as a musician, and I can’t wait to explore this collaboratively in many ways. Design, collaboration, styling – all things I enjoy.


Your energy appears very interconnected to the natural world around you; how do you see today’s world?

That’s a complex question. I see so much beauty, but so much destruction and chaos. So much selflessness, so much corruption and egocentricity. I think humans are instinctively narcissistic and selfish, we need to think more “eco” instead of “ego”. I’m no wizard, but damn, the world needs a shakeup or we won’t have one in fifty years.

What do you see as your role within the world?

I entered this cutthroat, brutal, competitive, money-centric, spineless industry for one reason only, to help others. The way in which I want to achieve this is multifaceted and has many directions from inciting change to fostering positive discussion around a range of issues,  but it all stems from that one desire. I come from a family of morally sound academics (doctors, lawyers etc.) who every day are horrified at what they see in the music industry. If it wasn’t for my obsession to shift things for the better and make valuable contributions to art and society, I would have never entered this industry.  

We are living through some tough times, but music provides a level of escapism we are all after; who have you been recently listening to? Any recommendations?

It’s interesting that when the world is truly in shambles, we all circle right back around to art for comfort. The new album ‘Shabrang’ by Sevdaliza is unbelievable. I’m bathing in that at the moment.

Thank you for talking with us today! What can we look forward to from you in the future?

Thank you so much for having me. I seriously love you! Expect it all – music, visual art, collaborations in fashion – the works. Hopefully when the world is safer, some touring too. And who knows, maybe I’ll even grace your cover one day? A girl can dream!

Check out more from Bel here! 

Words by Grace Powell