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In conversation with: dirtydms

Immersed in Rotterdam’s vibrant nightlife, dirtydms, a fairy-like DJ and 3D designer, navigates the pulsating hues of contemporary electronic beats and chromatic artworks. Inspired by nature and her most meaningful relationships, their sound ranges from ambient tranquillity to gritty grime, IDM intricacy, and lively footwork. dirtydms fearlessly explores the diverse intersections of digital art, embodying the rich tapestry of Rotterdam’s creative underworld. Manifesting laughter in 2023, they fill us in on their craft, and who to check out to bring you the same joy. dirtydms is a rising force, blending music and visual arts with passion and joy.

How do you describe your DJ style?
Eclectic, lots of bass and percussion!

What’s your main source of inspiration?
Nature & my relationships with the people around me.

What do you like to do before your set to get in the mood?
I have a bit of stage fright, so before my set I always get really nervous, and I just walk around through the club trying to get rid of my nerves and drink beer haha.

Which other DJ’s or music artists inspire you the most?
So many…  But I love the sets & music from Know V.A. & Toma Kami!

Besides DJing, what do you do in your daily life?
I make 3D artworks/designs/animations. I recently graduated graphic design from KABK, and I am now showing my works at various exhibitions and I make work on commission. I also want to start producing music soon.

What is your favourite song at the moment?
Backwards – Swimful

What makes someone in the crowd stand out to you?
Dance moves.

What’s something that you can’t live without?
Trees & headphones.

What advice would you would give young DJs trying to break into the industry?
Have fun.

What are you manifesting for the rest of 2023?
I want to laugh a lot!

What’s one question a journalist has never asked you that should really be asked, and: whats the answer to that?

‘Who of your dj/producer friends should we check out?’

Shast, Lux18, Jespfur, Matadisk, Helmond Lang, Mankiyan, Willem Feltzer, Sandor Dayala, Jopie Leaks, Camgurl, C00, Nikos, CyberFairy777, Yb3L, Kendu Bari, Subfiction, See.yana, Mathilde Nobel, mul/ANNA, Illgal, Brintex collective, Weak Moves, Angel Rocket, Benkult, MYNGRY, Octagon Blues, Young Woman, Charlie Osborne, and off course my b2b partner for this Glamcult event Vox supreme.



Images by Julia Olijkan

Words by Grace Powell