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In conversation with HorsegiirL

Bringing us back to the barnyard!

Over the past year, HORSEGIIRL’s meteoric rise to fame has captivated the world’s attention. Her infectious single, My Barn My Rules, infused perfectly with Eurostar ear candy, Techno and Hyperpop, launched the Berlin artists from the barnyard into DJ stardom. Demonstrating that this horse never falters at the first hurdle, HorsegiirL triumphantly returns with her latest track, F0rbiidden L0ve$troy. Exploring the theme of relationships and their unwavering strength in the face of societal judgment. Read below for the full interview. 

Hi HorsegiirL! How are you feeling after what must have been a crazy summer?
Howdy Glamcult! Never felt better! Yeehaw ?

Going back to the very beginning, what made you want to start making music and did you ever think you would do this as a profession?
I always gravitated towards sound, even as a little foal. Many humans don’t know this, but I already had a career in the animal kingdom, before crossing over. So I thought it was possible, just not on this scale.

The sensational rise of the summer banger My Barn My Rules transformed your career into an internet superstar. Did you know when making the track that it would have such a big reaction?
I had no idea, and the fact that it’s this track from the Farm Fantasies EP is actually a huge surprise to me.

After the success of My Barn My Rules how did it feel going back into the studio or approaching the creative process in general?
The song went viral a year after its release and luckily it didn’t influence my creative process at all. I still feel just as excited to create, as the day I started.

We love F0rbiidden L0ve$troy. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind this track?
It’s the story of how my parents fell in love and how the world was against them because of it. To be able to release it on the day of their anniversary was just so special

Aw nice! Your music contains a refreshingly lighthearted and fun energy, is this a feeling that comes naturally to you when making music?
Yes, it comes naturally to me. When I’m in the studio I just get so happy from hearing the music I just want to hop around and dance.

Your biggest headline show to date at The Cause in London just happened, how are you feeling after such a milestone?
Blessed and grateful and so warm and fuzzy inside, because farmies are just the most amazing beings.

What does the future hold for HorsegiirL? Are we to expect an album, more projects or collaborations?
More music and always more horsepower!

Thank you so much for speaking with me and I am looking forward to what the future has in stall!!

Words by Dexter Burningham 


Listen to F0rbiidden L0v$story here!


Images courtesy of the artist