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If you’re not familiar with them here’s your sign to get familiar

Totally electric Josh Wallin and their partner in crime Nathaniel – more commonly known as Natty – are THE moment. On top of being a model and drag queen, Josh has claimed their space on the internet as a TikTok star. Natty, alongside his OnlyFans, gives us the NYC TikTok food blogging that we all need. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with – basically, if you haven’t noticed we’re obsessed. So if you’re not familiar with them here’s your sign to get familiar. We got the chance to catch up with the two to talk about life, fashion, and everything in between. 

How are you two today?
Josh: I am good! Tired. It’s pride month.

Nat: Feeling super slay. I say “slay” a lot now. Thanks, Josh.

Could you both tell me about your own personal journeys to get to where you are today and how your paths met?
Josh: I am from Orange County California and am in New York for school (NYU). Nathaniel grew up in New Jersey. We met on a queer dating app that rhymes with binder. We have been dating for a year now.

So Josh, what’s it like being both a high fashion model and a drag queen? Do you find these two crafts relate to/support each other?
Josh: It’s definitely interesting. In drag, I get to make and do every artistic choice, my makeup, my hair, my clothes, my music, my performance. With modelling, most of the time those choices are made and done for you. Two very different processes, both with a very cunt looking result.

How do people in fashion respond to your missing tooth?
Josh: I think they like it? Whenever I do an editorial they make sure to get a shot of me smiling. However, A LOT of people on the internet hate it. And I love that. I love to piss them off.

Nathaniel, what do you think you are most famous for? OnlyFans or being a food blogger?
Nat: Famous? That’s very kind! Probably the latter, but one hand washes the other. I kind of think of myself as a performer generally, the food reviews are just easy premises to be goofy with. How about “medium funny TikTok guy?”

What’s your favourite NYC junk food?
Nat: I’d say “Pizza,” but that’s just food, isn’t it. I gotta go with Mr Softee. Soft Serve is heavenly. Twist cone (wafer) dipped in chocolate.

What is something you’re currently obsessed with?
Josh: I am currently obsessed with 4-minute microwavable vegan tikka masala from Trader Joe’s.

What would you say are your biggest accomplishments thus far in life?
Josh: Moving to New York and working to follow my dreams.

Nat: Honestly, it’s feeling like I was finally a good son, over the past few years, to my Mother who passed away in April. Otherwise, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished as a “content creator” in only a little over a year, but my best accomplishments are to come.

Josh, you’ve been featured on subway creatures before and I mean what an honour. How did that feel?
Josh: AMAZING! Very Very cool. It was nice because a lot of people who wouldn’t normally see my drag got exposed to my art.

I saw your TikTok got deleted, what do you think happened?
Josh: Don’t get me started on the fucking “clock app” (what we call TikTok on the app so they don’t censor us). Between Nathaniel and I, we have been perma-banned twice. I am a victim of constant transphobic hate on the app (that TikTok does nothing about). Those haters constantly report my videos for nonsense reasons and after the fiftieth report, the stupid AI will do something. The latest perma-ban that you are talking about (which lasted a month, but thankfully was overturned) was because people kept on reporting my account saying I was a minor, even though I had verified my age multiple times on the app. It is frustrating because the app is a great place to grow but we are in constant worry about all of our hard work being taken away instantly.

A portion of your followers def follow you because you are a total role model, did you have any role models yourself growing up? If so who?
That’s very sweet. I really just try to live my life authentically, which I guess makes me a role model? I guess my role models growing up would be the Pink Power Ranger, the gay YouTubers that posted coming out videos that I would watch under my covers in middle school, and probably Britney Spears?

What’s your favourite piece in your closet?
Josh: That is very hard to say, depending on what day you ask me. But let’s go with the pink dress that I wore for the shoot. I got it last year at a thrift shop in Brooklyn. It makes me feel like a princess and of course, is my favourite colour. Only several years ago I would have never dreamed of wearing something like it outside back in Orange County. Things have really changed.

Nat: I have a very cool beretta vest, Navy. There’s like, 6 weeks, max, a year here when it’s “vest weather,” I feel like Han Solo for all 6 of them. I’ve also been into crisp white Tees lately.

What’s your first fashion memory?
Josh: When I was like four mom hired an interior designer for our house. She was a fabulous and eclectic woman. Whenever she came over, I would go into my mother’s closet and go on my tiptoes to tip over the bin with all her scarfs in it. I’d wrap and drape them around me to my liking and then show my ensemble off to the interior designer lady. Give her a fashion show. She always loved it. My mom quotes this as when she first thought I may be queer.

Nat: I was a little kid in the ’80s, so let’s say “Christie Brinkley.”

What is your screen time?
Josh: I turned it off on my phone because it makes me sad whenever I look at it, but WAY TOO MUCH!

Nat: I have no idea. Let’s just go with “probably alarmingly high.”

What does love taste like?
Josh: Dr Pepper and Nathaniel’s B.O.

Nat: Cherry Coke Zero and Josh’s B.O. Maybe chocolate milk.

Photography by Ramona Deckers

Words by Ella Paritsky