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In conversation with JU-LIA

“I am entering a new era, and I define it as my feminine rebirth

Welcome to the captivating realm of JU-LIA, the rising star in R&B/Soul, whose independent musical odyssey commenced in 2019 with the enchanting debut single No Time, laying the foundation for a mesmerizing exploration of heartfelt sounds. The velvety allure of subsequent releases, such as the sensuous tracks Addicted in 2020 and Deja Vu in 2022, showcases JU-LIA’s remarkable ability to seamlessly blend influences from Soul, Alternative R&B, and Smooth Jazz. Taking inspiration from revered icons like Amy Winehouse, D’Angelo and Jill Scott, the highly anticipated release of her EP, Road To Remedy, did not disappoint, and left us thoroughly enthralled. JU-LIA’s journey to recognition has been nothing short of enchanting, and we invite you to join us in unravelling the stories that sit behind her creative process, from “shituationships” to her “feminine rebirth”.


Hey JU-LIA — how are you today?
Hi love! I’m alive and healthy — that’s all that counts.

Thanks for speaking with us, 2023 has been a big year for you; what have been some of the highlights?
Bet. It was! 2023 was a rollercoaster full of chaos, growth and new beginnings. Let’s say my highlights were definitely getting my dog-son Pedro, the release of my first EP Road To Remedy, my endless summer adventures, playing different venues together with my amazing band (screaming Paradiso and Melkweg main stages) and being surrounded by the people that I proudly call my friends.

As you know…we are BIG fans of the Road to Remedy EP, talk us through the beginning inspiration points for this body of work…
Stahp, you’re making me blush. I’d say the biggest inspiration has honestly been my rocky-ass love life and it’s healing process — writing this EP was pretty much my diary.

Arthur (my producer) and I first met at the studio in Paris, in mid-summer 2021. I just got out of a (what I called) shituationship with someone who led me on for two years, so I had a lot to get off my chest. We got to know each other musically, I wrote a bunch of lyrics in 20 minutes and we effortlessly finished a demo that same night, which ended up being Karma. The way we musically connected so easily, got us motivated to continue and so we did. We finished the EP a year later, summer 2022.

Photography by Julia Huikeshoven

Photography by Julia Huikeshoven

The single Berlin now has almost 70k streams! How does this feel?
Already! That’s crazy to me really, because Berlin was a big struggle for me. When we started the demo, I kept getting a writer’s block. It frustrated me so much, that I almost gave up on it. I think I resisted and shut down so much because I knew I had to dig deep into those feelings I had already buried away. I stepped away from it for a while to give myself some time and space. I think we reopened it months later when I was ready to revisit. Ouh! Let me tell you once we reopened that file, I poured my whole entire soul into that bitch.

LOVE to hear it! Berlin also represents how we have come to know you as an R&B/Soul singer, what other genres inspire your sound? I know you have been likened to Amy Winehouse also…
There are so many sub-genres nowadays, that I barely even know what to call my own music. Let’s say, other than R&B/Soul, I’m definitely inspired by Jazz and Blues as well. Artists such as D’Angelo and Jill Scott really taught me the experimental rhythms of Jazz within Soul and R&B. Amy Winehouse taught me the depths of blues. But then again, the first CD I sang along to was Songs About Jane by Maroon 5, which is more of a mix between alternative rock and pop. Whatever my ears truly enjoy — inspires me.

The visual identity alongside the EP is exceptional, if you could describe the aesthetic energy of your artistry right now, how would you define it?
Thank you! I think my aesthetic energy mainly depends on how I’m feeling. I currently feel very empowered within my femininity, which is a side of myself that I haven’t explored in a while. I usually tend to go for more masculine and comfortable looks to avoid being sexualized and feel more at ease. But I am entering a new era, and I define it as my ‘feminine rebirth’.

Photography by Julia Huikeshoven

Within this, fashion plays an important role in your life, what are some of your favourite brands right now?
I like brands that offer good quality basics so for example I tend to shop at Stüssy and Weekday. But I am also big on supporting Mother Earth, keeping fast fashion away from my closet. So I love thrifting in Paris or scrolling on Vestiaire and Vinted. When it comes to haute couture, I have and will always love Schiaparelli, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Mugler (archive pieces).

Favourite trends?
Bayonetta glasses. Thank god, finally, I can wear a pair of prescription glasses, look hot in them and actually see what’s in front of me. Also, give me any food-related trend and I’ll be off to my kitchen to try it myself.

Any trends where you are officially ‘over-it’?
The Kardashians. There is so much more to talk about, our world is bleeding.

Well said ???. 

You recently played a show at Melkweg, what do you enjoy most about performing live?
What I love most about performing live is interacting with the audience. Making people laugh, cry, and feel — by telling my stories through my music. In general, I’m someone who likes to make people feel comfortable, seeing others come out of their shells, open up, and step out of their comfort zone. To me, going to a concert is not just about listening to good music. It’s about the experience, feeling connected to the artist.

..And from an audience perspective, what is the best gig you’ve ever been to?
Damn, that’s a very hard question. I have seen so many great artists live. I saw Jill Scott this year and I must say it was truly magical. She is such a strong vocalist yet so funny and comfortable on stage. When it comes to a full-on show experience, I had the ultimate inner-child excitement seeing Chris Brown live this year as well. But like I said, I’ve seen so many other great artists, I couldn’t name one best gig ever. Everyone has their own speciality.

We can’t wait to see what more is to come! Three things you’re manifesting for the future?
I’m manifesting an album, a sold-out headline tour, and a feature with an artist I look up to.

Get it. 

Words by Grace Powell

All images courtesy of the artist

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