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In conversation with Lissa Brandon

“Her name is Mojo Nodnarb. She’s a character that I’ve initially created to express myself – free from insecurities and outside opinions.”

Celebrating the diverse and multi-faceted pool of Amsterdam talent, Calvin Klein Jeans and Glamcult have come together to capture creative individuals in the new season’s workwear finest. We caught up with multi-disciplinary creative to catch up on her sources of inspiration, alter-ego and thoughts on the future of fashion. Read the interview and make sure to come by DOLLEBEGIJNSTEEG 5 to experience the Calvin Klein exhibition and brand-new Glamcult Store from March 3rd to the 12th!

Tell me a bit about yourself and how you would describe your creative practice!
Hii there, my name is Lissa Brandon. To tell you a bit about myself I’d say I’m a curious soul, who finds joy in creating, connecting & evolving. My creative practice is often very intuitive & playful. For that reason, I often try to create a space for myself where there’s no real time limit or distractions, so I can really get into that flow state. That’s where the magic happens.

What are your main sources of inspiration?
My main source of inspiration is The Source. What I mean by that is God, Allah, Jah, however, you may call it. Spirituality and the seeking of truth is what keeps me going. Besides that, I get very inspired by travelling and exchanging energy with people. I’m super blessed with the circle I’m surrounded with, but also love meeting new interesting people or learning about iconic backstories.

I’ve also read that you have an alter ego. Tell me about them!
Her name is Mojo Nodnarb. She’s a character that I’ve initially created to express myself – free from insecurities and outside opinions. I love styling but at some point, I realized that I have a wider vision of visual creation and storytelling, which I want to express. Mojo has now evolved into a creative playground within my brand, where I explore different disciplines like photography, design, creative direction, performing art etc. I’m always on the quest for a perfect balance between innovation & authenticity. 

What is the most overrated fashion trend in your opinion?
Oh, that’s a hard one… It’s a bit random but I guess I’d say no-show socks. There’s just something about closed shoes with bare ankles that doesn’t sit right with me. 

Tell me about your outfit! How would you personally style some of these pieces?
I’m wearing a full khaki look by CK. It’s giving army uniforms but making them fashionable. Normally I’d style this look with heels to create a bit of a contrast with the worker wear. The bottoms are super cosy and oversized which I love on cold and busy days in which I just want to be comfortable. They have a string on the inside that makes it super easy to adjust to the right size, even without a belt. The corset would also make a nice layering piece on top of a shirt or blazer.

What are you excited about in 2023?
I’m excited about travelling and exploring new spaces & faces. I’m also excited about Glamcult opening its very first store! And last but not least, I look forward to creating purposeful bodies of work with Mojo and hopefully having a positive impact with these expressions.

What do you think the future of fashion is?
It’s impossible to predict, but I hope the future of fashion is sustainable and fair. Obviously, we’d need major changes to make this happen. I hope it’ll be inclusive, in every way, shape or form. I hope people will feel free to wear whatever they like, outside of trends, and most importantly feel safe while doing so.

Calvin Klein Jeans will take over the Glamcult Store from March 3rd-12th!

Launching with a bang, come by the store and see the full exhibition of Amsterdam creatives alongside the Calvin Klein Jeans pre-spring ‘23 collection, New Utility.

(From March 18th onwards, we return to the Glamcult curation)


Art Direction by Glamcult
Photography by Piet Oosterbeek
Styling by Pykel van Latum & Rogier VlamingGlamcult
Makeup by June Peters
Modelled by Daniel Smedeman
Photography assistance by Andrea Amponsah
Styling assistance by Evita Shrestha
Shot at Studio Mucha