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In conversation with Michèle Lamy

Reflecting on the world, the vitality of art and her collaboration with SKATEROOM and Juergen Teller

In celebration of ComplexCon in Los Angeles, THE SKATEROOM unveiled an exclusive skateboard art collection featuring Juergen Teller‘s captivating photographs of the iconic Michèle Lamy. Launched November 18th, the series showcases Lamy’s magnetic presence at the nexus of fashion and art, portraying her as a living symbol of street culture. Comprising two triptychs, a pentaptych, and a solo “Skate Edition” deck, the collection captures the intensity of Lamy’s portraits and person. In our interview, Michèle Lamy shares with me her raw reflections on the collaboration (and its timing), contemplating the tumultuous state of the world today: “I’m telling you, I’m not ‘excited’ by anything right now…I’m just crying … I’ll put my head in the dirt and die.” Drawing from her generational experience as the daughter of World War II resistance, she questions, “Can we skate through it all?”

Hey Michèle. How are you today? As you navigate the present moment, is there something on the horizon that captures your excitement?
I’m telling you, I’m not “excited” by anything right now…I’m just crying …..I’ll put my head in the dirt and die. I am the daughter of World War II resistance…I lived through the Vietnam War…I don’t know how…and more…but what is happening in the world today…Can we skate through it all?

Could you share the significance of these images shot by Jurgen Teller, and what they represent/mean to you?
I hope that our good idea and Jurgen Teller and my body in it can do the little magic…to give some hope to the kids …. especially to little girls, to start moving/ and look at people in the eyes…and trust the world that there is a future run by women…

What is your first memory or acknowledgement of Teller and his work? What drew you to him?
I know and have admired Jurgen’s images forever. He shot me for Modern Matter Magazine a while ago…in a pile of dirt…with my Horns on…I hope he sees me as Mother Earth.

The intersection of fashion, culture, and art is central to your artistry, and this project. How do you perceive the role of skate culture and its impact on the fashion and art world?
I have always been about creating spaces for people and inviting artists to create, and these skate projects are an extension of my world…We are all on this ride together.

THE SKATEROOM’s manifesto stands for ART, SKATE & SOCIAL CHANGE. What are some changes you would like to see today or causes you wish to bring attention to?
Working with The Skateroom at Complexcon this year…I am trying to give some hope to the kids…advertising what we want to do…building “Skate Parks ” that could be moved in pieces to Refugee Camps!

But we are all refugees …..

Words by Grace Powell 

Images courtesy of THE SKATEROOM

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