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In conversation with Nelick

Live life lightly

With summer on the mind, so are the radiating and reviving sounds of Nelick’s EP, Tatoo. The French-born and raised singer recently caught our eye with his satirical yet introspective works which encapsulate the new-age beauty of 2021 European Rap. With tracks like allo? and cadillac getting us through this heat, we recommend you pour yourself a coffee, sit by the window, and let yourself ride away with the soft melodies of Nelick.

Hey Nelick, How are you today?

I’m feeling damn good, I havn’t been so happy for a long time.

That’s amazing! Yet, no surprise – you have certainly been on an upward journey recently. How did you first come to performing? 

I came to perform on stage with Lord Esperanza when we were opening for Keith Ape at the time of his “It G ma” sound. It was something crazy for us, especially since we were big fans. I became his water boy during the tour.

And since then?

A lot has happened! It was 4 years ago now. I miss the scene so much.

I love the new EP, Tatoo. There’s such a strong discourse with the record, would you say your work is biographical? Or rather, the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing at the time of writing?

That’s a very interesting question, I think it’s a mix of both. I write what I feel and from this comes a concrete aspect of my life or vice versa. I don’t see myself writing about something other than my life story. I spend my time making it special so my music can be special too.


That’s a really beautiful reflection on life. Already having shared some great releases this year: your single, allo? really captured that quarantine life. Could you talk me through both the video and the inspiration behind the track?

I wanted to make a very simple movie clip for this release, something that will reflect more a visual and poetic mood rather than something narrative with eccentric effects. I wanted to be able to visualize the sounds more than trying to change them with overworked clips.

It’s about a 24-year-old guy stuck in his teenage bedroom, who’s getting worked up because his ex is calling him, and his friends are asking him out. He just wants to be alone, but he knows that being alone will make him sad, that’s why he joins his buddies in the cadillac movie clip. He will realize that he needs some love in the next clip and he will end up alone in the last clip of the project (spoiler alert).

It’s a whole story then! We also see some fashion moments in the video – how does clothing help you express your creativity?

I love fashion but I still feel new. I wanted super colorful and childish clothes. Dina, my stylist, brought me the perfect pieces and I brought my baby milo sweet from the market ahah

You mention cadillac, this track feels like Summer encapsulated into 4 minutes! What was your intention behind the song?

I want to give the joy of summer days with friends mixed with some melancholy and nostalgia. I wanted a very colorful image also to get people out of this dark and gloomy period.

…You definitely accomplished that goal. There’s a crisp focus on musicality within your work, everything feels as though it has intention. What inspires this serene, melodic environment?

I listen to a lot of jazz and mainly quiet music (outside of playboi carti). I think as I grow up, I want to be quieter and propose more melodious sounds.

As a listener, with my headphones in for my morning commute- these tracks really make you feel like the main character in an art-house soon-to-be-classic. Is this act of World-Making a practice you engage with within the creative process?

Totally! This EP is the beginning of a new story. As I said, I’m writing about my life and I’m trying to make it very special, so my music will be special too. Every morning I wake up in the body of Kiwi Bunny, a young candid rapper who is going to live a new adventure.

So the intention of the music is derived from the dedication to the intention you put into life. What is the world you wish to create for yourself?

The Kiwi Bunny World

Thank you so much for talking with me! Any final words of wisdom to take us into the new Summer Season?

That I’m super excited ahah

Live life lightly. Every noise is a musical note to which you have to move your fat ass.

Listen to Tatoo here

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Words by Grace Powell