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Isabella Lovestory blesses our ears with "Fuetazo"

An anti-romantic bad bitch anthem

Isabella Lovestory is back, this time collaborating with rapper Villano Antillano to release their newest single, “Fuetazo.” The origin story of this single is one to go down in history. One night in Madrid after her and Antillano’s joint performance – during her Laticoncina tour ofc – the two of them came together and wrote the song in one night. The result? An anti-romantic bad bitch anthem that is the ultimate celebration of freedom. “Fuetazo” continues to push Lovestory’s musical universe, with the recognizable femme candor, genre experimentation, and reggaeton experimentation that we all love her for. Oh yes and there is a music video – we have to talk about the music video. Lovestory and Antillano come together as mermaids – the moment none of us knew we needed. Combining producer’s Kamixlos and Dinamarca’s sounds, the two create the perfect atmospheric backdrop for Lovestory and Antillano’s vocals. All in all, Isabella Lovestory has done it again, and we can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for her.

Images courtesy of the artist
Words by Ella Paritsky