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It's giving Doja Cat

Doja picking out plants and living her best bald babe lifestyle


The highest compliment of all? It’s giving Doja Cat. Knowing her star status in the land of style, Miss Cat has just dropped news of her limited-edition clothing line and it’s a camp-inspired collection of slogan tees, hoodies, sweats, jockstraps and thongs. Adorned with “YES” and “It’s Giving” (alongside some cute kitten graphics), each piece is cut in a 00’s crop, boxy fit. Tantalising us with a Kardashian-style paparazzi campaign — we see Doja at the garden centre, picking out plants and living her best bald babe life.

The shoot comes after Doja insightfully told her audience via Instagram to “Go fuck yourselves”, upon receiving criticism for shaving both her head and eyebrows. This fashion-MOMENT was met with ~CoNTROverSY~ which the girl boss snapped back on, solidifying that it is not her job to be seen as fuckable, just a hella’ good musician. We (of course) love the look, love the fit and honesty, and are living for the no-eyebrow energy paired with a stunning plant.

You can check our here full collection here, and pre-order ready for the end of September.

Check out It’s Giving here

Words by Grace Powell