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It's time to put the full-black outfit DOWN.

La fam motivate the maximalists within us and celebrate colour

Amsterdam-based clothing brand La Fam is the newest streetwear brand, choosing to elevate casual wear through a maximalist lens. Gone are the days when an all-black uniform is the go-to, and La Fam know it — raising the bar and giving us everything colour, and everything bold. Their latest collections furthers this DNA, collaborating with LA-based Hyper Pop artist Dorian Electra. Telling the story of a warped and wonderful childhood fantasy, this campaign takes the imaginary and broadcasts it into their imagery. Featuring a dragon, pirate ship, icy mountains, and everything on fire, the serious nature of fashion is satirised, evoking the notion that clothing should be fun, and most importantly, can be fun.

Speaking on the pieces, they tell us, “we believe it’s important to embrace your inner child”, highlighting that, “in this world where we’re supposed to be so serious and adult-like, we believe it’s important to still have your child like ways and to enjoy the things you’ve enjoyed so much since being a kid”. And living in an era which feels simultaneously dystopian and wild, we couldn’t agree more.  Taking us back to our younger years, each piece offers nostalgic sentiment whilst remaining very much so within the zeitgeist. From a barbie pink gilet to leather trousers featuring obtruding red spikes, to an oversized blue crewneck — each element is bold, and begging to be worn. It’s a refreshing sight to see maximalism be the motivator and colour celebrated, and it makes me wonder… will the ‘scene’ finally be able to put the all-black garments down?!

Starring:  La Fam & Dorian Electra
Art direction/production: Anna van Jaarsveld and Rosa Álvarez Solano
Photographer: Jp Bonino
Styling: Moritz Hädelt
Local production: THE RATS
Makeup & hair: Catalina Sartor & Azul Prusia
CGI: Sanpol2000
Studio: D105 STUDIOS