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Join the Club

Lynk & Co opens its first club in Europe

There’s a new kid on the block – one which has a shiny new idea, and a drive to change the car world forever. It’s Gothenburg-based Lynk & Co, the company which is turning the mobility industry on its head. Preferring to call themselves a “mobility brand” rather than another car brand, the company offers super simple membership schemes that help you access, “buy” or rent out a car, to ensure that your vehicle gets the maximum use it deserves. Did you know that cars are standstill for 96% of the time? Lynk & Co are on a mission to change that. Sustainability is one of the core values of the company, which is why they have modelled their business around a digital platform that helps the global journey to sharing mobility resources.

They’ve started this journey by opening their first physical club last week and because Lynk & Co is a mobility concept, this is has nothing to do with a car dealer location. It’s a creative space designed to share ideas and experience Lynk & Co as the community that it is. What better place to have done it than the world’s biking capital (and Glamcult hometown!) – Amsterdam.


And about the club itself … well think of it as your second living room. The place includes an amphitheatre-style events space, bookable meeting rooms and a coffee bar. Which are all ready to be filled with festivities, as soon as Covid restrictions allow. What you can find now is the mini-shop, featuring a curated selection of products by artists and eco-friendly brands from around the Netherlands and Europe. In the longer term, we can look forward to it being the perfect spot for some inspiring events, exhibitions and parties. Keep an eye out, because as soon as the events are up, we’ll catch you by the bar!

In the meantime, the first online collaboration with Duotoon is on its way. Duotoon is a new, online platform presenting work from visual artists of all sorts, accompanied and inspired by a soundtrack co-created by musicians from all around the world. This first edition will features an exclusive stream of the live performance by upsammy and Sjoerd Martens.

Stay tuned for the launch at Duotoon (17.00 CET , Sunday 8 November)

Find out more about Lynk & Co here or visit us at Rokin 75 in Amsterdam