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Joy is Ours with Indiana Roma Voss

“Clothes allow me to play a part, have fun and step out of myself to walk literally in other shoes”

Photography by Wesley Verhoeve

Reclaiming joy is the winter motto for Zalando. For their latest, “Joy is ours” campaign, the forward-thinkers in fashion have launched a holistic holiday view. This season is all about reflecting on the moments which bring us joy, returning to the special memories of the past year (despite our trials and tribulations), as it is here we must hold on to our loved ones be immersed in the power of community. To mark this manifestation of the essential human emotion, Glamcult gathered a collective of creatives who represent joy; those who evoke happiness and unapologetically seek good. Next up is the Amsterdam-stylist extraordinaire, Indiana Roma Voss. The creative curator and cultivator specialises in all things colour. So, enticing us with her positivity, we jumped into what ‘joy’ means to her. 

Hey Indiana, thank you for talking with me today! Could you begin by explaining your approach to styling?
I approach styling as a tool to tell stories. Colour, texture and shape can all play a role in creating a larger picture. I like to use references in my styling to films, books, art, and music which inspires me.

What has your artistic journey to today looked like for you?
I guess mine is as complicated as any artists journey, full of self-doubts and developments. I started assisting my mother who was also a stylist when I was in my early teens. Then I went to art school and fell in love with fine art and craftsmanship. When I returned to the discipline of styling it took a lot of time and practice to find my signature style and it’s still ever-changing.

Creative joy and inspiration are so important. What have you been inspired or moved by recently?
As cliché as it might sound I have recently been inspired by love. Falling in love makes you look at the world differently and by doing so I have found new sources of inspiration. Such as photographer Karl-Heinz Weinberger. Upon discovering his book of subculture in 1960s Austria, I have started working on a small crafted denim collection. Taking my time and working with my hands is very therapeutic and something I didn’t have the time for before Covid slowed everything down.

How do your clothes express who you are?
My clothes are tools to express my personality, my mood, my general state of being. Some days it is very excessive, other days stark and minimal. Clothes allow me to play a part, have fun and step out of myself to walk literally in other shoes.

What does the term ‘joy’ bring to mind for you? People, places, activities…
Swimming on a hot summer’s day, a really great film, tradition and breaking tradition, dancing my ass off, my sister and close friends.


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Images courteously of Indiana Roma Voss

Words by Grace Powell