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Joy is Ours with Jorah Sarah

Tis’ the season to appreciate our achievements and love our communities.



Reclaiming joy is the winter motto for Zalando. For their latest, “Joy is ours” campaign, the forward-thinkers in fashion have launched a holistic holiday view. This season is all about reflecting on the moments which bring us joy, returning to the special memories of the past year (despite our trials and tribulations), as it is here we must hold on to our loved ones be immersed in the power of community. To mark this manifestation of the essential human emotion, Glamcult gathered a collective of creatives who represent joy; those who evoke happiness and unapologetically seek good. In doing so, we, of course, had to speak with Amsterdam-based photographer Jorah Sarah. Her intimate eye focalises on moments that long to be captured, viewing her subjects with a personability not often seen. 

Hey Jorah, thank you for talking with me today! Could you begin by explaining your photographic approach? There is positivity radiating out of everything you do…
I’m always looking for colour and shapes, I like abstraction and I like photos that almost look a bit weird. I try to keep it minimal and let the shape or colour that I’m photographing speak. For example, when I’m working at events I like to zoom in on the crowd, rather than photographing a bunch of people I zoom in on hands, legs, individual faces and movements that they make. It feels more intimate and personal.

Totally, it almost feels biographical, so much can be determined from, say, the hands. What has the creative journey to today looked like for you?
My artistic journey started from a young age, I first picked up a camera when I was only 15. At the time I was quite ill and photography became my creative outlet. Since then I’ve been doing a bunch of different projects. The most important thing is to just start, be bold and try out a bunch of different styles, see what you like most and just go with that. In the last few years, I’ve found that I’m very interested in bold colours and abstract human forms. Now that I’ve incorporated that in my photography I can finally see that I’ve found my style.

What an amazing achievement! And not a point everyone is able to get to. 

 Creative joy and inspiration are so important. What have you been inspired or moved by recently?
Artistically, I’ve recently been very inspired by an artist named Jean Arp. He was a sculptor, painter, and poet and was known as a Dadaist and an abstract artist. His abstract shapes and forms inspire my art a lot. Personally, I’ve been very moved by activist and artist Jerry Afriyie, he is the co-founder of ‘Nederland Wordt Beter’ an organisation that commits itself to a better, more inclusive society. Something that, especially at this time of the year, is very important.

Of course. And wow, what a great organisation! What does the term ‘joy’ bring to mind for you? People, places, activities…
I think just the city, the city always inspires me, especially Amsterdam-Noord. I’ve lived here since I was 18 and there is always something happening in Noord. The people are friendly, diverse and welcoming, it feels like I’m in a warm community.

The holiday season is finally here and with that a reflection of the year and our relationships. What is the best gift you have given and/or received? Physical or otherwise.
I think the best gift I’ve received is the fact that I’m very privileged to even be able to celebrate the holidays and spend time with friends and family. I have a house, food on the table and a loving community surrounding me. Not everyone is able to partake in the holiday season due to money, mental health etc.

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Images courteously of Jorah Sarah 

Words by Grace Powell